Ladder accessories

There is a ladder accessorie that u put this on the outside holes of the ladder and it keeps it away from the rain gutters so u can wash dorm windows with out hurting the gutters and you know I work for the orange box that used to carrry them but i dont remember the name of it…darn:o:o

I found something better than what I was trying to describe, its called Ladder Max Stand off Stabilizer!!! 59.95 at

I forget what there called, I have one. Learned the hard way, had a employee damage gutters everytime he placed the ladder on the gutter. This prevents the ladder from touching the gutter, also stables the ladder from shifting side to sjde. I’ll find the name.

I bought the ladder max, love it. There is the spider that looks cool.

It’s called a ladder stabilizer. I’ve heard them called “bull horns” a few times too. Most hardware stores carry them. Werner makes one that can be removed and placed on another ladder easily. It attaches much safer then some of the others that attach using wing nuts, in my opinion. A ladder stabilizer is a must have.

Alot of them are more for say painters, the ladder max is too keep the ladder off the gutter and easy on and off. Oh and I did have too replace a house full of gutters so the gutter max is always with me.

Well if you have sectionals with a v top the stabilizer will really bug you till you take them off.

This is one of our guys cleaning gutters but this also worked in the past for hard to reach windows. This is the ones we use. The ones you have to put on with bolts just take too long to get on and off.

How is the bottom of the ladder not shooting up off the ground and giving him an express ride to the hospital?:eek:

Must be someone standing on the ladder.Here is what I use
Ladder-Max Ladder Stabilizer - Gutter Supply

We never had any problems. We always have someone footing the ladder though.

How much does that “Ladder Max weigh”? It looks heavy…

BTW Tony. I love ur new logo!

It weights 7lb, not sure if its heavy or not. I have no problems. It all comes down too what your after. When I bought the max there really wasn’t anything else out there. As I looked around there are many styles out there now. My whole point is protecting the customers gutters. How many times does the ladder slide a inch or two and scratch the gutter ? Just sharing a product that works for me.

Thanks Dejay!

We just added these standouts to the store. They are made by LeveLok and they are super light weight.

Can you guys put a picture of them on a ladder in the store? I just checked em out and have no idea how they attach to the ladder.

Just took a second look and assume they slide in to the rung holes on the side of the ladder.

Funny I said that to Alex right after he posted that, he is working on it right now.

The manufacturers don’t always have the best pics, but this is what they have for the standouts.