Ladder Bruises

With all the residential I’ve been doing lately, I’ve also notice a great increase in bruises on my legs from working with ladders. I seem to bruise quite easily just from leaning against hard surfaces. They don’t bother me much but my legs look horrid when wearing shorts.

Anyone else get bruises from the job either from ladder work or trying to get to hard to access glass?

Our employees do get bruised on the front of their legs from ladder work. Also, from doing so much ladder work the hair on the front of their legs rubs off (they save a bundle on waxing!!!). My favorite thing though is the tans!!! The back of their legs get lots of beautiful color while the front of their legs remain a nice pasty white!!!

Ahh yes…the famous Werner/Dickie’s tan:D Talking about bruises ya got to love those when you slip off the rungs and clack the old shin bone:eek:

Many years ago, I started using the Knee/shin armor I ride my motocross bike with when moving and climbing ladders. they are thin foam with a plastic/polyvinyl cover. They cover shins and up over the knee caps…

light and cheap…about 12 bucks

That’s a good suggestion. Do they interfere at all with climbing the ladder tho? (sticking out, hitting the rungs) and how about normal walking or walking on a roof, any problems?

No, they do not hinder any movement. They take a few minutes to get used to…but it is better than the time it takes for bruised shins to stop hurting…another benefit is they cover kneecaps and after standing for a few hours holding on and balancing with my knees against the rungs…I am glad I have them…Check out Bob’s Cycle Supply web site and search for knee/shin armor