Ladder fall

I just sub-contracted some gutter cleaning to a very good friend that was slow in his own business as a handyman. He fell off the ladder around 12-15ft. He landed head first on blacktop. He is fighting for his life and the next few days are very critical. They have removed part of the skull to release pressure on the brain. Prayers are needed and be safe out there.

Ed Reedy

Man…I’m sorry to hear that. I’m really hesitant about ladders. I’m thinking about wearing a safety belt for any ladder work.

I hope he pulls thru.

That sucks big time. I am no longer as carefree on ladders as i used to be, with a small family now, i really make sure the situation is safe, and that im not doing something that could jeopardize my life or the life of another or the property of another.

Man I used be really stupid with ladders as I think back on it. Ugh I get nervous just thinking about it. I wish your friend well, thats a horrible thing to happen. Please be safe everyone!

I’m also sorry to hear of this, and hearing of something so simple that many of us here do everyday hits too close to home on the reality of the possible hazards of our work.

This can allow us to step back and review with ourselves and employees the serious concerns we face each day.

If you dont mind answering at the appropriate time, was your friend who subed this work out insured and to what extent? How will this effect your business outlook and insurance?

Maybe some of us could learn what is actually involved when a company has a serious injury on a job site and how the primary company is effected when a sub contractor of theirs has a accident.

I wish you and your friend well

Horrible news. I am sincerely sorry too.

[COLOR=Blue]I am very sorry to hear this, we will pray for the man. Please keep us updated.[/COLOR]

Sorry to hear this. I hope the guy pulls through. Fell off a ladder twice last year. 2nd time I was able to pull myself into the home from the window. 1st time a landscaper moved the ladder and never reset it correctly. Today I am going up 25ft. I hate ladder work also but it’s a part of the job. Just keep it slow and level headed. We are not firemen rushing into a burning building. No money is worth not paying attention on a ladder.

Well my friend is doing better from the ladder fall. He spent 6 weeks in intensive care. and will spend 2 months in rehab learning how to talk and walk again. It looks like he will spend another year at home rehab then they can tell hows he’s going to be. It will take a total of two years of rehab. Doctor’s don’t think he will be 100% but they don’t know for sure yet.
He sub worked for me so far no word from insurance companies calling me it looks like their insurance may handle this. But it’s early yet and the bills are just starting to come in.
Another guy working in his yard trimming a tree fell from a 8ft ladder standing on top rung broke his leg, bruised his face, cut his arm with a chain saw on the way down. He was really unsafe on the ladder and paid the price.
As for me I brought a helmet it may help some what if there is an accident.

Good to hear that he’s pulling through. One of my competitors fell from a 20 foot ext. ladder and the result was similar. He worked full time in Sales and ran his window cleaning as a supplemental income. Hes now back to work and suffers from memory loss from time to time. He ended up selling his WC business because of the accident. He had really high dreams for his window cleaning business before the fall. Sorry to see that go down the drain due to his accident.


Wow… I’m really happy to hear that he is doing better. It is so sad when someone is never them self again after an unfortunate accident. The scary thing is that it was only from a 12’ fall. I wish him the best and a steady recovery.

I missed this post first time round - hopefully the guy is well on the mend now.

I used my stabylads again today on triples for the inside, as the floor was quite slippy. I can’t recommend them highly enough. I think Stabylads have gone to the wall, now there is a new copy - forgot the name, but I did post the video on this site somewhere?