Ladder footwear

Hi friends,

It’s been a while since I’ve been on here but several months ago I asked a question regarding the best footwear for ladders but I cannot find that post.

I’ve been cleaning windows over 35 years and it’s catching up with my feet. I need both a boot (winter) and a shoe (summer) that has strong support so my achilles doesn’t get strained/pulled, my arches don’t hurt, and light weight with cushion so my feet don’t hurt so much that it causes my legs and back to hurt at the end of the day.

Is that all too much to ask? hahahaha

Thanks for any help/advice in advance! Blessings to you guys and your families!

I’ve recently began wearing Oboz Katabatics. They come in boots and shoes. Amazing fit and feel for my feet. Otherwise, I look for shoes/boots with a shank.

I haven’t found a boot that doesn’t fall apart, split, etc within one season. I am afraid to spend a lot on a boot now because the cheap ones seem to hold up just as long. How long have you been wearing yours and do they actually hold up?

Not much footwear built to last anymore unfortunately. I’ve only had my Oboz for a few months and haven’t been working a full schedule since it’s been winter. But I have worn them on hikes and travels. Seem to be holding up well. I do tend to rotate through a few different pairs of shoes/boots. I’ve had a pair of Red Wing Iron Rangers that have held up very well for around 5 years. Not super comfy for work though.

I’ve used 5.11 tactical 8” boots for a long 4 years of rough work. Lots of ladder work. Check some of those out. Only thing I’ll note is the pull tab on the back is getting a little worn. A/T 8" NON-ZIP BOOT
Comes in back or tan. Super comfortable and breathable but also water resistant.

Thanks for the input guys!

The Oboz look interesting but not sure of the stiffness of midsole for ladder rungs.

Hope everyone is well!