Ladder for average two story home that can fit in my four door car?

Does it exist? I am able to lay back seats down so it can go in trunk and come through car. Can someone suggest me a ladder that will work for this situation until I can get a better vehicle?

Gorilla 22’ fits into prius but makes it a one-rider.

Thing is a pain to use as extension ladder but it’s possible. I did it for 10 years.

It also fit into the trunk of my '94 camry with seats folded down.


Depends on what you mean by fit. Anything will “fit” if you’re creative enough.

car ladder windows




I use to fit a set sectional ladders in a golf.


A 17ft Little Giant is only 4.5ft tall when it’s closed. Probably fit on the back seat of a full size sedan. You’d have to check. The small 13ft Little Giant fits on the back seat of a compact car because it’s only 4ft tall. I’m thinking of downsizing my dodge caravan to something like a golf. Thinking of my ladder options for storefronts with a smaller car.

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We had to use our 2013 Accord for work one day, and our 17 foot Little Giant fit great. It was a two story home we did that day. I would recommend getting the stand-off if you get that ladder.


Wagner 22 ft multi position, fits under 6 ft and Is about 180 at home depot. Ran with that in an audi a4 for over a year.

Worked well for two story houses?

Yes, as well as the 17’ ladder. Get a stand-off.

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If your serious about business, get some sectional ladders and a mini van. I started my business with a little giant style 22’ ladder. It works but is very cumbersome used as an extension ladder. I still roll with a 13’ littler junker but the sectional is king. A multi ladder is like a station wagon it gets the job done. Sectionals are like a Ferrari.
My setup is 4 1/2 sections with levelers and a stand-off. 13’ little giant. 2’ step ladder. Efficient, effective, done.


Expensive like them too. Lol

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I disagree, they are much faster and time is money. My set paid for itself the first year and then some.

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I have a set also, just joking

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Yes, but it is fairly shaky. I still use it. I have used it on some good sized 2 story houses but if there is too much of a drop off it won’t work.

Can you afford a roof rack for your car? Had a 2002 or 03 Ford Escape several years back with factory rack and used that. We got a 2011 Edge with factory rails on the roof, and I picked up a Thule system to attach to the rails. I had some old locks that fit the new system, so picked up the rail mounts, crossbars, load stabilizer brackets and their tie down straps for under $500 (I think more like $400-450). You might be able to find something for sale used off of craigslist.

I will probably go that route once I start making some money but for now I am going to get the wariner 22 ft.

Get stacks. It’s the sign of a true professional Window Cleaner. Anyone who thinks other don’t know shit. Tappered top is a must


“My setup is 4 1/2 sections with levelers and a stand-off. 13’ little giant. 2’ step ladder. Efficient, effective, done.”

Quick question. When do you use the 13” little giant? I don’t have one. Ive got the 2” step and 4 1/2 piece sectional.

I don’t use it very often. Sometimes when my stackes will not fit under an eve and I don’t want to use cane feet on my top section. Or if I have some windows to tint at transome level of like 90” or so. Basically use the little junker as a 6’ step ladder.