Ladder Levelers & the Pivit Tool

[FONT=Verdana]On another thread Seth Fenster sparked my interest in a tool I have seen but know very little about. It’s the [B]Pivit Tool[/B]. [/FONT]
[FONT=Verdana]What are your thoughts on the [B]Pivit Tool[/B] and ladder levelers?[/FONT]

When I was looking to purchase a ladder leveller, I was’t too thrilled with having to take of the feet of the ladder and bolt the levellers to it. I saw the Pivit at a local Sherwin Williams and was almost sold. I actually ended up buying a pair of levellers from HD and they work awesome. So awesome I bought a few pairs for my other ladders. They were also only $69 instead of $90 for the Pivit Tool.

The main reason, which isn’t a big one, that I went for bolt on levellers was so that I didn’t have another extra object in my trailer. The downfall with bolt on levellers is that you can’t use them on anything other than the ladder you’ve installed them on. The Pivit you can.

I’m still happy with the bolt on ones.

you can get the pivit at Sherwin Williams ?

Many paint stores in my area carry the PiViT.

We have over 5,000 dealers in 50 states! Please call toll free 1-888-276-1060 and we will find the dealer nearest you.

There is a bracket that nails in the roof to hold the pivit in place, this bracket which is sold seperate can also be used to lay a ladder on the roof for extreme pitches.

I use levelers also and love them, though this bracket could come in handy.

Went to the paint store yesterday. Bought the Pivit. The Levloks are coming off the sectional ladder. Maybe they will be going back on. Time will tell. A few people on this forum seem to like the Pivit.

Just picked up my Pivit Tool this evening at Sherwin Williams. Sorry guys, I needed it by the weekend. With three different ladders I can use this one tool for all. I looked at the attachable levelers, but I would have had to get one for each ladder. This is more versatile too.
Provision Tools - Supplier of PiViT Ladder Tool and accessories.

Once you get used to all the set up positions, you’ll wonder how you did without it.
Pivit ladder Tool ladder supporter

I was looking through the brochure and a few videos. Looks great!

pivit rules. why carry the weight of bolt-ons when you only need to use them 5% of the time? i estimate the pivit has saved me from carrying a combined 2.3 billion pounds of extra weight over the last 10 years.

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I worked with a few girls who had bolt on’s. They carried themselves quite well. :wink:

We’re talking about ladder levelers here, not floatation devices. Please stay on topic Garry.

Lol I think I’ve seen that movie.

I have bought & use levelers,pivit tool looks cool.

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Assist type ladder rack is also very cool
28’ ladder

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adjustable legs is great for window cleaning AND GUTTER CLEANING …

i have a pivot and like it. use with any ladder even stepladder occasionly. was also planning to order a basemate for my most commonly used ladder but haven’t so far, i like it better than other bolt ons.

I have a Pivot that comes in quite handy. Thinking of buying a second one because some jobs with staircases would be easier with two. Great tool.

Hi Gary, I purchased this Qualcraft 2475 Basemate Easy Connect Professional Ladder Stabilizer - Ladder Accessories - and find, although it’s a bit of a heavy piece of steel, that it moves because of it’s quick release design easily between different ladders, it’s rock solid and stable. Good tool to have too. :wink:

I’ve seen those. I like the Pivot because it’s simple and not all too heavy. The rubber lined edge is great indoors on wood stairs or even marble. At $99 not badly priced either.