Ladder Levelers

I am looking to get some ladder levelers for my werner fiber glass ladder.

I was looking at the levelok and the werner brands.

Does anybody use any of these? i am looking for the best product…

I prefer the ones made by Louisville. they have square feet with the bar type leg.

ah I got those from the depot. They work great. Not to expensive either. Those should be sufficient Doug. But level loks are pretty pimp.

yeah you know i dont care about price, i want the best ya know gangsta…


// Ladder Leveler - YouTube

Doug I rarely claim anything to be the best, but I believe these are. We have them on every single extension ladder we own. Some of the pairs are 5 years old and still kicking. They get abused pretty hard 6 days a week 8 -12 hours a day.

So yeah they are the best.

// Ladder Leveler - YouTube

This is the only ladder leveler I use now. No moving parts to possibly break.

We have a couple of those to… Dont you find it kind of a pain to drag from window to window?

Not at all. I usually pick it up and carry it from window to window instead of dragging it.:slight_smile:
I also mostly use sectional ladders which I think are more versatile on uneven ground so it’s rare that I am using the Pivit tool on multiple windows in a row.

Years ago I had a pair of leveloks on my 32’ extension ladder, but I did not like the extra weight and the way it made the ladder unbalanced while carrying it.

Oh I see… I didn’t realize you used stacks.

i see that hey weigh like 15 pounds, is there any others out there that are lighter?

Doug, I have the LeveLok leg leveler that detaches from the ladder. It certainly does not weigh 15 lbs and you only need one single leveler that can be used on all of your extension ladders. I use the same LeveLok leveler on all 3 of my Werner extension ladders.

Of course you will need to install the attachment brackets to each leg of each ladder. The brackets add very little weight to the ladders.

The LeveLoks are awesome!!! I have no complaints at all about them. Very safe and very convenient!

I use these ones on my ladders. They are light weight, durable and best of all fast to use.

I used to use these all the time but switched to the Louisville with square feet. Do you find that the orange rubber feet fall off? Mine used to take a few months and I was replacing the feet. with the Louisville I have not had that problem.

yo Chris,

I will place an order of those levloks tomorrow with some other stuff…

Thanks for all your info guys.

ps: do the make ladder levelers for Werner fiberglass step ladders?