Ladder Leveling Tool

What simple ladder leveling tools do you use other than after market adjustable legs? I find that typically I can get an extension ladder level by manipulating the feet (turning one up while the other is down, etc.) but occasionally use this leveling tool:

I was looking to purchase another one recently and apparently it no longer exists. There’s a similar one called the PIVIT, which I did order, but its much larger and would be overkill for a lot of instances.

What do you use?

I have one ladder that doesn’t have leg levelers and I use a wheel chock that basically looks like a miniature version of that. It’s good for slightly uneven ground.

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The one on top is made by little giant ladder. The one on the bottom was given to me by a friend. He got it from the phone company when he was a lineman.

I have a PIVIT & it’s awesome!
Great for stairs/uneven ground.
Matches well with Werner MT series ladders.
I also use it positioned on a 6’ step ladder as an “easel” of sorts for storm panes.
Great tool…very versatile!