Ladder Racks

What brands of ladder racks does everyone use? Are you happy with your current ladder rack setup? We have exclusively used section ladders for all of our work up to this point. They fit perfectly in the back of our Ford Ranger long beds. However, we would like to add some extension ladders (along with a ladder rack) and free up some space for the WFP system. Any suggestions?

I love the system one rack and tool boxes. they are strong,durable and the optional tie down straps are perfect. They are expensive, but i found my $2000 setup on craigslist for $500

I just recently bought a System One rack as well. Very good quality, but not cheap as Dave said.

I have two trucks with Kargo Master racks, they are really nice welded tube racks. I think the one for my ranger was about $550 but don’t remember exactly.

Good luck

you can usually find stuff on craiglist cheap too. I didn’t want to have to modify my bed(drill holes etc) so I opted for a set of these,
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the only real problem is they don’t extend over the cab. so a really long ladder wants to teeter on it and you have to be careful not to drop it on your roof.

I just had Yakima Roof Racks installed on my mini-van a few weeks ago. Very easy to remove and cap off the mounts when rack is not needed. Around $575 installed.

I took a look at the system one racks and they are nice. I am leaning towards an aluminum rack. It will give our trucks a good finished look. Thanks for the advice.

We put the trac rack system on our new truck and I love them. TracRac Features / Overview | TracRac