Ladder recommendations for chandelier cleaning

From researching this forum I’ve gathered that a12’ step ladder is probably my best choice for cleaning chandeliers. Do you guys recommend any specific model over another?

Also, have you found that 12’ truly covers nearly every situation? Does it have to be fiberglass since it’s near electricity?

Make sure you move the ladder around the chandelier. Don’t pull toward you and the push it back. It will eventually fall from the ceiling


That would SUUUUUUUCK.

i had a bad experience cleaning a glass hanging light once. i took it apart and then couldn’t get it back together because of a defect with the threads.a 12 was just barely enough for me. what i learned was i stick to what I’m really good at or at least wait till i know what I’m doing before offering the service. not saying that you don’t but just offering my thoughts.


That’s good advice. I hadn’t planned on making this an official thing yet, but a customer of mine wants me to do his chandelier next time i do his windows. It’s not a crazy crystal one, just a big light fixture. I wanted to make sure I’m ready for it by next spring.


Sectional Ladder!! The pointed top is perfect for leaning against the chain. It also puts you in the perfect spot to clean the whole fixture from one ladder set…

/sarcasm :imp:


Omg you had me for a second there. I was thinking “Alex usually gives great advice… But i think i might pass on this one!”

If you use a WFP, you won’t have to bust out the sectional!


Yikes- I did a cleaning the other day and only had a extention ladder I used with a step off. I had to slightly twist and pull the ladder towards me to get to the glass… :worried:

no joke happened to one of my trainers. the chandelier company that re hung said it happens all the time and that the push pull method should not be used

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Little giant or multi-purpose ladder can be used in many different situations, !2’step ladder is used in very few case a “MP ladder” handle all them. 12ft Step is just a waste money and space. IMO…

Hope this helps.

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My LG does fine. I like that I can stand on both sides of it. I don’t do those earring style elaborate crystal ones. There’s a service for those I believe…

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Hmm… Interesting take, Steve. I was so sure about the stepladder but now i might reconsider. I have a LG already, but i don’t think it’s tall enough. Not sure if i want to buy another though, cause even the smaller one is already so heavy. I would so buy a carbon fiber one if they made it.

What size is your LG?[quote=“WVWindowWashing, post:13, topic:39411”]
cause even the smaller one is already so heavy

Get into the gym buttercup! :wink:

It’s the model 17. Love it despite what all the haters say. I think it also looks impressive to the customer when you are nimbly transforming that thing like Optimus Prime. (Although i really do wanna try to get the hang of those stack ladders next season. I just don’t get how people like @Dangerous and @Infinity do it so effortlessly!)

As for the gym… I agree. Fortunately, i have a sweet home gym in my garage. Just got so busy this summer i kinda let myself go (again).

What size do you use?

I’m humbled to be mentioned in the same sentence as Dangerous Dave. I’ve got nowhere near the skills he or many of the other veterans have.

The key is plenty of practice. Core strength is a very small part of the equation. It’s mostly about balance and coordination. Think of it like balancing a (rather heavy) broom on end. Keep that top centered and balanced, making slight adjustments to maintain control. You don’t grab the broom handle when it starts to tilt off center, you follow it.

@jfromthed may have some good pointers


Keller muti-purpous ladder (she’s a beast) just depends on the job scope.

I love heights, but dislike the time and safety issues when it comes to ladders.

Im with Alex… strength doesn mean much with piece ladders.
I’m pretty skinny and at 45 yrs old, can still throw them around.

The thing is real, finding where the weight is, and where the fulcrum is.

I can hold three pieces with one hand grasping the rail.
(granted, only for a few seconds before I panic.) :blush:


Woe. That’s so logical and yet i completely missed that key point. Instead, i was trying to “fight” when the ladder would begin to tip. (Hurt my shoulder real nice, too…and had a near miss with the family car!) I think this one tip might be what i needed to finally succeed with stack ladders. Thanks, Alex!

They do. Google Little Giant Carbon Fiber.

I think the aluminum lasts longer…