Ladder safety on a deck

Hey guys, I’m sure you have ran into this problem before. I need to set up an extension ladder on someone’s deck. It’s an composite deck so it’s slicker than normal wood. How do you guys go about safely doing this ? Any tips would be great. I was thinking of putting down some plywood on the deck but I don’t want that to kick out on me.


Rubber mat.

@BStrait Didn’t you have a thread similar to this recently? I thought you got some recommendations in that one, but can’t find it via search.


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I think I commented on someone else, but yes: I use an inexpensive rubber mat that works great!

It smells pretty bad, and it takes some time for the smell to go away, but I’ve had success with it.

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So in that picture the ladder was more of a little giant style. Will this Matt work on a regular extension ladder with the different type of feet?

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Thanks for the Recommendation I bought one and it works great .

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Glad to hear it!!

I believe so. I used it for my stack ladder.