Ladder singing in the wind?

Does anyone know how to get an aluminum ladder to stop whistling in the wind at 50mph? I thought about waxing it but I thought I’d check here to see if anyone had a solution to this problem.

The key is capping the open rung ends. Some have used duck tape, others have suggested spray foam. Let us know if you find something a little more ‘elegant’. I haven’t bothered plugging up my ladders, yet.

Just go faster until they stop.

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you could try foam pipe insulation. just jam a bit in each hole.

I have heard of people spraying foam insulation into the rung ends. They say it works. I have not tried it.

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I taped the holes and never heard a sound again.

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Yeah I like Caleb’s and window guys explanation. I’m going to try the foam insulation and see if it stops. I think it’s the least noticeable.

I think it’s worth mentioning that I plugged the ladder rung holes with foam pipe insulation and it worked… Thanks Caleb! No more singing ladder…

I used to have a fiberglass ladder that came with nice plastic plugs on the end of the rungs. I can’t remember the brand but you might be able to buy those pkugs somewhere.

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Okay back to mentioning. The foam pipe insulation flew out of the rungs with all the wind. They worked till they flew out. Next I’m going to try Chads suggestion. Foam insulation. Maybe I can paint it silver to match the aluminum.