Ladder standoffs

What are your preferred or best working extension ladder standoffs? I have 10” standoff that is 36” wide. Thinking about getting the adjustable one that stands off 19” and it will adjust a little wider as well. Do you all feel that the 10” is enough or is more standoff better?

I like this one.


I have one of those too. 36" wide, but only use it when I need to span a window which is rare.
Most of the time I set up under, over or to the side, the other style works well for that.

Wow, well I guess there are only 2 of us using standoffs on extension ladders. Noted. Thanks for the feedback Matthew!!

I use the standoffs made by the ladder company. I get them at Lowes

That open rung standoff from LeveLok is my favorite.
It’s the fastest to remove & install and has good grip with the silicone pads. The Werner ac78 is my second favorite…pretty quick to setup & a bit more stable feeling. The Werner 97p is handy to have for wide windows or if you have to get over a protrusion (A/C units or small roofs) but it’s the heaviest and best suited for those “special” situations. I’d say the LeveLok open rung covers most bases for weight and usability👍.