Ladder stoppers

has anybody ever tried one of those rubber/metal ladder stoppers, how well do they work, and does anybody try anything makeshift that is effective?

thanks. I didnt see it. now I feel like a goof.:o

I bought one earlier this year. I’ve only use it a few times and it seems to work just fine. I bought one for when we do inside ladder work on hard wood or tile floors. I still prefer to have a spotter, but used this a couple of times when working solo and it worked fine. To me, it doesn’t seem like the rubber is all that sticky, but once the weight of the ladder is on it, it feels pretty secure. It seems like pretty simple construction, but I’d be hesitant to risk using a homemade one – as I’m sure the Ladder Stopper went through thorough safety inspections/testing.
I’ve heard of guys using bath mats with sticky rubber backing or the rubbery shelf liners under their ladders - but I’ve never tried that. Before I got the Ladder Stopper, if I felt like the surface was too slick to put the ladder on, I’d either have someone foot my ladder or pole the window. If you were solo a lot - I’d recommend the Ladder Stopper - it’s $100 bucks, but better safe that sorry.