Ladders for residential

Hi Guys,
I’m new and getting started in the business. I basically have everything figured out except for the ladder situation. I have heard a lot of people who use extension ladders but those just seem so heavy and cumbersome, and don’t store very well. I have a jeep grand cherokee I’m working out of. Has anyone had any experience with section ladders or know of other kinds of ladders that store well?

Section ladders all day every day. Started working out of my suburban so they store well if you have 6 feet of space inside the vehicle.


I think your Cherokee would handle a 24’ ladder easily. That’s what I use and don’t
find it to be too heavy at all. What is heavy is my 21 foot Gorilla…ooof. Finally
fixed my older FeatherLite that needed parts so I can deep six that Gorilla ladder.

Plus one million

Does your jeep have sport racks? Those will take a single extension ladder no problem and free up space in the cab.

It has the two standard roof racks that came with it when it was purchased it that’s what you mean.

Yup that’s exactly what I mean. All you need is 2 steel or aluminum bars to span the roof racks laterally, and 4 U-bolts to hold them in place. BAM! Homemade ladder racks on the cheap.

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Section ladders come in 6’ pieces so you’ll have to make room in the vehicle. You can get by with a 17’ little giant for most homes. Just build a little shelf and store the LG under it and make efficient use of your space.

I like extensions, but my setup is a 17’ LG and a 22’ Werner (LG look alike). That’s all I need and anything beyond that gets the wfp.

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Hey, fellow Suburbanite! I have an '85, diesel. And yep, 6 ft of space. At least til i put a rack on it. So thanks for the tip.