Lady business owner

My name is Melody, I’m based in Western Massachusetts and I am actually a wc veteran of 17 years. Although I have been a member of the forum 3 years, I post only occasionally and never properly introduced myself.
The past couple years I had many business and life changes, (working pregnant-not fun) and wasn’t feeling the joy of business ownership as I once had. I have managed to turn things around this winter, and feel excited about business again.
Like many other window cleaners I am a very creative person and nothing makes me happier than creating new uses for tools, coming up with new efficiencies and new ways of doing things. I love inventing!
Anyway, I am happy to be a part of wcr and look forward to mentoring those starting out, and learning from those who are wiser than I am. I look forward to getting to know you all. Thanks!

Howdy Melody. Glad your back in the game.

Hi Melody! Glad to see you here :slight_smile:

Hey Melody, glad your posting on the forum and your excited about your business.

We’ve spoken on the phone correct?

Helllooooo Melody :slight_smile: I actually got my start in the Eastern part of your state, Nantucket Island, in 1999 :slight_smile: Welcome!

Glad it’s turning around for you Melody.

Welcome “back” Melody. I spent 4 days in Pittsfield on a mini vacation once. Beautiful area to work in. Do you do mostly residential or commercial?

Thank you for your pep talk today. It was much needed!

Im from a family of Cape Codders!..but by way of Harwich and Provincetown. Not as fancy as Nantucket!

I spent a bunch of summers in P-town when growing up in Poughkeepsie. Fancy isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be…

I live about 40 minutes from Pittsfield in the midst of 5 colleges. It is beautiful here, and I feel lucky to live here. I concentrate on residential, but also do larger commercial jobs, mostly mid rise buildings. My goal is to grow my commercial business this year. How’s the solar panel cleaning business?

really, did you work there? my family and cousins are still there and i go up whenever i can (not as often as i’d like)

Thank you Tony. I feel I have possibly have met you…did you ever go to events in New Jersey, New York or Providence a couple years ago?

Nah; just rolled down the sand dunes, played in the ocean, and ate!

Yes we have, a few times, I think. You guys really amaze me.

Fun! It is spectacularly beautiful. I miss it.

Sadly no. I’m going to try to get out to see the WCR warehouse next year though.

Don’t you dare NOT tell me when you do that. We can meet up.

Your on my list of folks to visit Dan!