Landa pressure washer...should I buy it?

Hey guys I just came across a guy selling a Landa PW for $295, he had it for $495 but he seems to need cash fast. It has a Honda 11hp engine, 4gpm, 2500psi, 5.0 nozzle. He says its in great shape. I saw some pics and it looks decent to me. Im gonna check it out tomorrow to get the specs and give it a look over.

Anyone have any experience with the Landa brand? Does this seem like a good deal (provided that it IS in great shape as the guy says)?

It kinda sounds to good to be true…but i’m gonna bring cash with me in case it really is what he says.

Any thoughts on this PW before I go look at it would be much appreciated!


Ps- it is belt driven and appears to have a triplex pump.

If it’s really a 4gpm Landa for 3 bills I would grab it. It would make a nice little soft wash machine with some large orifice nozzles and would power a 16 inch surface cleaner without problems.

ya…if you dont want it i will buy it :slight_smile: That is a great steal, Landa’s are real nice!

Feel it and see how warm it is…

Landa our the best.

If it was in decent shape, I’d be all over that…

Well i sure as hell tried for that Landa, but some guy beat me to it by five minutes. Oh well, I kept looking for days and finally scored a essentially brand new washer that only had about 3 hours use on it for one project. It has a Honda GSX200 engine and a Cat triplex 3dx29gsi pump. It is a 2800psi and 3gpm (not the 4 I wanted but hey) washer. This baby starts every time on the first shot and purrs like a kitten and the best part is I scored it from a rich guy who has more money than space so he let me have it for $250 bucks!

I was ****ed when I missed out on that Landa but this baby makes up for it some. The pump alone cost more than I paid!

Damn I love Craigslist;)

I’ve got a Landa MP roll cage (4GPM 13HP Honda) model that has served me well.