Large curved glass

I’m bidding an old victorian home with a curved room with curved windows. First and second floor, and they’re about 5 feet wide. I figure I’ll use the WFP on them, but it got me thinking. What if there was no water available? How do you clean windows that are this wide and curved?

Side pulls with a wagtail, paying particular attention to the c shape as one pulls

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just been cleaning windows for a while.
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Are they curved from side-to-side? I used to have a storefront account with windows like that, about 6-7 feet tall by 3 feet wide. I used a 36" Sorbo and made 2 or 3 straight horizontal pulls.

Yes, they are curved side to side. That’s a good idea with an adjustable angle squeegee. I have a couple of those, but don’t normally use them.

Hey David, you can also use a sorbo (can I say that here? ) or similar channel. Advance the blade a notch or two. We’ve been able to pole curved windows sideways 20’ up that way. very forgiving

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