How do you guys generate new leads for your business? What works best for you?

For me most of my leads come through my google my business listing and referrals.

Do any of you do google ads and do they work for you?

What are some new ideas I can implement to get more leads.

That is great when it works. Keep adding when you can. By that, have door hangers at the ready. When you finish a residential job leave door hangers at 5-10 homes up one side of the street and do the same down the other side of the street before heading out to the next job. Nothing scheduled? Cover a larger area.
Storefronts? Do the same with a business card and write the price of both in/out and out only on the back.
You are already in an area that hired you, so why not check and see who else will hire?


Also, make a Facebook business profile. People look there as well and will message you through it. Facebook ads were very extremely effective for me with Holiday Lighting last season, possibly would be with window cleaning if done right. Tag yourself, with a selfie taken set on a timer since you’re solo showing you cleaning your commercial / storefront accounts (probably once is enough). I.e., “Narcos Window Cleaning is at Town’s Favorite Restaurant”. Also find and join community groups and share your business pics to there within moderation. You cleaning a new place opening up in town and sharing the excitement with give you visibility, assimilate your business into the community more, and also promote your new customer.

Also, yard signs. Yep, just do it. You just need one to work… stick them in and let them go (they all disappear at some point). They’ll make you money.

Also, decal or magnet your vehicle. I recommend decals. This will definitely generate business.

If this stuff doesn’t work I’ll send you my least favorite squeegee (you pay shipping) :wink:


Thanks these are all good ideas. The door hangers and fb business page I will have to do.

This coming fall and winter I have alot of work to do to prepare for spring and summer lol.

I find a lot of our business growth is predicated on what we do in the off season. When you get rolling in the spring, there’s hardly time to think/plan moves, but if you have the leg work done and scheduled waypoints in the year, you can execute your moves more quickly.

Have your eddm designed and ordered. (Or at least ready to order.)

Have your eddm routes planned and timed.

Preplan your Facebook and Google Business page posts, both the photos and the descriptions.

Have your website updated to the current year, double check any submission info is accurate, adjust your pricing to the new years rate structure.

Set up you mailing list for repeat customers.

Set your revenue goals for the year to keep you motivated when you’re in the height of the season and feeling like you could take your foot off the gas.


Is a mailing list for repeat customers necessary? I think just calling them to get them on the schedule is sufficient. That’s just my opinion.

We set them up in an automated emailing list, and schedule the mailings grouped together in specific areas to minimize travel between jobs.
After the mailings go out, we give it a few days and call any who have not responded. (Some lose the email in their spam filter, some forget to respond, some need the extra attention to motivate them to book again.)

Calling every customer is good if you have too few clients to worry about your time, or so many clients you have an office employee to make the calls for you. But anywhere in between and I find calling individuals too time consuming.

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Have you tried signing up for Angies list/homestars?

Nope, haven’t heard of homestars though