Leather Holster or BOB or both

For years I used a leather squeegee holster that my old boss gave me. It was so well broken in and I really liked it. But it finally started to disintegrate. I never much liked the bucket on a belt until I really started using it the last few years, now I can’t work without it. Especially for ladder and interior work. With the leather holster I would climb with the mop in one hand and on hot days I would just run out of water on big windows, the BOB fixed that.

Just wondering people’s thoughts on the two. The BOB is so clunky and goofy looking, and I can’t stand when I forget to dump the nasty water out and either spill it on my leg or in the back of my SUV yuck. But a leather holster can’t hold a mop, but it’s more comfortable and cooler looking, which let’s be honest is the most important thing out there.

I think I’m going to order a leather holster and try to wear it on my right, with the BOB on the left. At least that way I can put my squeegee on either side, if not my mop. But then I just have more crap on my belt, when does it end?

I used to BOAB for a couple of weeks. Left for mop and right for squeegees. I liked it well enough but slimed back down to make sure I had what I NEEDED and manage fine now with just the one BOAB. I use a Moerman boab and dump the lower bucket from time to time, easy enough. I bought that $200 piece of crud they were running out of all the time and it is sitting in my extra bin with a bunch of worn out sorbo handles.
I did try the leather holster but I would not get myself to stick with it.


LOL you mean the Takaki Works for extra stylish window cleaners?

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I think the only reason I want a small no frills leather holster opposite the BOAB is for when I’m on a ladder and I finish with the squeegee and it’s in my other hand. Just to avoid switching hands to put it away up on a ladder. It’s not even that big of a deal, just something that gets annoying after a while.

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I use a BOAB on my left and an (old style) leather holster on my rights side as an extra towel holder.
Henestly? The leather towel holder on right side has gotten better (pliable/looser)over time… no gripes! :slight_smile:

I’m running just a plain moermon BOB and moermon belt, then I have the kobalt framers pouch. I put a small 6" squeegee in the hammer loop, then my broadknife and screen tools are in the first top compartment, rags in the other with squeeze bottle of dawn and water. The last pouch I use for steelwool…etc.

I have a snap ring with 1’ length of paracord attached to a lil spring clamp for holding onto screens. It’s comfy with a set of suspenders. I run my BOB on my left side, kobalt pouch at 6 oclock…works out great for me! Got at lowes for like 20$


I have a (much to) early wake up, to drive 45 minutes at 6 am. So my night is closing…

  • but I dig what you are throwing out there… any details/pics would be appreciated.

Good stuff there. I just started using a small MOLLE pouch at my 6 o’clock to hold white scrubbie pads and steel wool, serious game changer there. I like the idea of a screen holder that would be handy on a ladder for sure. But now I may actually upgrade to the framers pouch that looks nice.

Also where in Texas are you from, Deep in the heart? lol I’m from Waco.

I’m about 25 miles east of Austin…out in Bastrop. I have one big business park out in Round Rock…that is about as far out as I like to go. The traffic is so stupid here now.

I have to use a BOAB, we work a lot of residential and can’t have dirty water drips.

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Yeah for interior a Bob is mandatory. But I do have a habit of wiping my squeegee with a rag when I’m inside anyway, developed from years of not having a Bob. I still do it now.

I’ve been wearing the angled ettore holster on the right and Bob on the left. I find it quite convenient to have a place to put the squeegee on both sides. Plus it helps me not use just one arm all the time if my mop is on the left and squeegee is on the right.

Bad habit, get a sponge.