Leaving flyers on residential boat docks...what's the best way?

Hi everyone,

I live in an area with a large amount of waterfront cottages, and since the properties closest to the water are typically larger and more desirable as clients, I think leaving fliers at the cottage’s docks would be way faster and more efficient then leaving them at their doors [and walking up and down their long driveways].

The question I have is, what would you consider to be the least offensive way of “attaching” my flyer to their dock so that it does not blow away.

-I could put a small rock on top of each flyer…but then I’d have to bring a LOT of rocks in my boat, which I’d first have to find/buy, and the flyer might still blow away
-I could staple the flyer to the dock…but then the staple might get stuck in the dock and they may feel I damaged their dock
-I could put a thumb tack in the flyer…but then they still might not like that I put a hole in their dock, and then what do they do with the thumb tack?

Do you have any better ideas? I realize I may be over thinking things, but I don’t want the way I keep the flyer ON their dock to also be the thing that negatively influences their perception of our company and/or detracts from the flyer itself.

Please let me know what you think!

You can buy this glue - 3M Scotch Restickable Glue Stick 6314 and then attach the fliers that way.

I personally don’t think the rock thing is a bad idea. It may be a pain lugging around a ton of rocks but the potential customers may not appreciate a staple or tack in their dock. I’m the kind of person who would get annoyed at a staple or tack. If you leave a rock on top of the flier at least they can throw the rock in the lake after they pick up your flier. Perhaps you could seek out flat rocks so people can skip them…

Around here, people leave notices in one of two ways. Sometimes they will attach a rubber band to their flyer with a staple and use the rubber band to attach it to the door knob, mailbox, etc. The other way is to put the flyer in a sandwich size reclosable bag with a few small rocks. The bag can then be tossed on the driveway (or dock in your case).

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Assuming they all have docks, do they all have boats? Or something else in common? What I’m getting at here is when there is a target market where they all have something in common there should be some way to market to all of them. perhaps there’s a nearby boating gear/supply store where many of them would frequent at least a couple times a year. maybe make an arrangement to clean the shops windows for free for the season if they staple one of your flyers to the customers receipt. Just thinking outside the box a little.

I use FunTack
you may need a disclaimer on the flyer not to use it as bait may harm fish…

Perhaps something along the lines of a rock… but also something that may prove useful to the potential client, as well as showing that you have put some thought into this.

Maybe use a fishing weight/sinker?

Maybe they will toss it in their tackle box for use later, and it won’t appear as if you are littering or destroying their dock.

I did a quick search of google for bulk fishing weights and found these guys BULK WEIGHTS - WHOLESALE BULK FISHING WEIGHT I’m sure with some more digging there may be better deals to be found- including going down to the local bait and tackle store.

If your marketing budget will allow for the extra cost- I would consider choosing something like this over a rock.