Left a message on the wrong customers voicemail lol

In my slightly insane state of mind this morning I was calling back a few clients for estimates and I dialed the wrong customer (someone I just cleaned) and left a message for someone else UGh!! I feel like an idiot!

Don’t feel like an idiot. It’s busy season , we are all scrambling we have so many things going on in our heads .

We are all humans we all make

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I was asked by one of mt customers to clean the windows on her friends house the other day. Left the address at tge shop by accident so went to the address i was sure was on the sheet. Went to #83 and the homeowners looked at me very confused and had no idea who the other person was that asked me to clean the windows. It was #86 when i looked at the sheet the next day. At least i didnt just go clean tge windows. Lol

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I bid the wrong house. Had to honor the numbers that I sent them.

The one great thing about this business is even when it’s bad, it’s never that bad.

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I’ve got many cookie cutter condo buildings with complicated contemporary designs. They looking fairly straightforward from the front because they have their addresses displayed but then, after working fast and hard, I run around the back and it’s hard to distinguish what’s what. I’ve cleaned the wrong windows before for free.

The good thing is I’ve gotten some of these owners to sign on to my services because of it.

These are all innocent and fairly harmless. It was winter and work was light, so every job counted financially. I thought I was texting my girlfriend and complaining about how both clients that day “conveniently” failed to leave a check. After I hit send I realized that my client was the last person I had sent a text to that morning. My dumbass had sent the text to him instead of my girlfriend. My stomach dropped and I was calling the client immediately to explain myself. It was very embarrassing, but the client didn’t really seem to care and has since called me back.

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Wow I can totally feel the pit in my stomach just thinking about this. Luckily it seems like you made this mistake with the right person lol

Note to self… Make sure my txts go to the right person… Especially if I have more than one girlfriend…:eek:

We are so backed up with work, and preparing to take Daughter #2 to Colorado Springs to defend her Junior National Olympic Trap Championship, this past weekend, at the Georgia State Olympic Qualifier, for the first time I actually did not answer calls and let them all go to voicemail. I didn’t know what to tell people, we are starting to book into July

I am giving the crews more overtime then they want because they are complaining about making money…but we can’t long term hire another crew, it wouldn’t be fair to them

I was hiking in the mountains in New Mexico a couple of years ago when I accidentally sent a photo of the grand view to a Doctor client of mine. “Isn’t this beautiful” I said, “sure is, when you get back can you schedule my windows?” he replied. Haha, ruined my moment…

Ruined your moment but bought you a job…

I rather have the moment, I have enough jobs…

Next time leave your phone in the truck…

Naah, I just have a separate phone now so that on Friday night I can throw the work phone in a drawer and leave it til Monday.

Good thinking…

I was snowblowing last winter and I did an average sized driveway when a lady I didn’t recognize comes out and asks me what I’m doing.

Took me a few confused moments to realize my client was the house to the right of hers. We shared a laugh and then she hurried back inside probably worried I was going to ask for money.

We all mess up in some type of way…as long as we make minor mistakes then that’s understandable…lol

so don’t sweat it.still a lot of windows to be cleaned!!

I am sure I’ve left hundreds of voicemails at the wrong number but can count on one hand the number who called back to let me know my mistake.

Today I was in the middle of leaving a message and the lady picks up saying I have the wrong number. Almost up to two hands!

Last weekend I was out camping with the wife and friends. I had a client call me 4 times in a row after 9 o’clock at night. I didn’t wanna answer cuz well beer and camping… I finally answered, and she was like I really want my windows cleaned in two weeks. I said I’ll put u in the schedule but can I call you on Monday to confirm your appointment, and explained I was camping and wanted to get the time and date in the system. Called her today and she explained she was drunk but still wanted the clean… Ha I love my market around here. A little unprofessional on my part though.