Leg levelers won't stay up

I just checked, and I don’t see the levelers I have in the store anymore. I bought a pair of the Xtenda-leg leg levelers, with the round feet, a number of years ago for a set of sectionals and they worked great. Last year I needed two more sets of sectionals so I ordered two more pairs of the same leg levelers for them. Problem is, they won’t stay up when you pick up the base. As soon as you go to move the ladder the legs fall to full extension. This makes it EXTREMELY difficult to move and reset the ladder. At first I thought they just needed a little friction so I roughed them up with a file, but I can tell the diameter of the legs are too small to create friction within the brackets. Has anyone else had this issue? I’m thinking of just replacing them with the Louisville levelers. Is there a fix?

I like the Louisville Levelers, I’ve used them for years with no issues.

I never had that problem. Can you return them? I also use the Louisville ones.

I was mounting Leveloks on all my ladders. Then I discovered the Quick Connect Leveloks. I mount the bases on all the ladders, makes them much lighter to carry and move and keep at least 2 legs in the tool boxes. With the Quick Connects, you keep the original feet on the ladders

All I used to use were the Extandalegs. They are lighter, but I don’t necessarily believe they are safer.

I used to have the same issue after I would oil them, at least for the first few times I would use them.

With level locks (I think that is how you spell it), they are a little heavier, slightly bulkier, but MUCH safer. You have more options with the feet, and they actually lock in place, giving you a more secure feeling.

To fix your issue, I would try leveloks. They are a little more expensive, but very high quality.

Never had issues w/ ‘em fall’n down, sticking on the other hand WAS an issue’
Jus’ use a lubricant spray, no problems anymore :wink:

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Maybe I should try those. The ones I have are a little different.

nice pic man, I am glad you used the silicone spray… a guy I know used petroleum based 4D40 and the levellers slipped on the job he almost fell… he had to clean off the legs and sand them up, now they are all rusty and look like crud, too bad,

Did you have any luck getting your levellers to work?

My advice would have been absolutely to return them. I have used 9 pairs in my time and never had an issue, in fact agree with another poster that they tend to stick rather than slip…

I got some new ones recently, very happy camper with these . I consider them the best on the market because they are so easy to adjust, the concept is so simple and they adjust to infinite degrees rather than pre-set increments.

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