Legionnaires disease

I have read about the danger of Legionella bacteria growing in water tanks, as well as in filters that are not regularly maintained. Does anyone have any knowledge and / or experience with this? I have done some research and UV treatment seems like a fairly viable option. Some sites suggested chlorination, but I imagine that the amount of chlorine needed to kill the Legionella bacteria would destroy the TDS and cause spotting. Any helpful input would be appreciated.

DISCLAIMER: I have no knowledge on this matter.
I wonder if putting a fish tank aerator in a tank to continuously run would stop the stagnation of the water enough to prevent legionella?

Interesting idea. I hadn’t considered that one. Let me do some research. Thanks for the idea.

There is a new product out that kills all germ chemically . I used to drink my ro water . About $95.00

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Thanks. Do you have a link?

I think bleach can kill bacteria at 2ppm. Not sure if that would be enough to cause spotting, especially if you flushed your system afterward. I’m no scientist though, so…

If think alcohol would do it. I drop some in my backpack. Wouldn’t think you’d need much but I’m not good with soft sciences like biology.

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Call me or text 865 256 2225

Thanks Samuel. That’s the first time I’ve actually seen some numbers.

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