Lets see your vacuum

Lol, this headline almost reminds me of the TMF forum, guys fighting all over who has the biggest blower

Ok, I need a vacuum to add to my arsenal for track cleaning, so far been just using towels and what not…

Cord vacuum?


Maybe WCR should carry one for us window cleaners… Like an industry standard…

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…Here’s a link to the Eureka Mighty Mite. Been using one for years.

Eureka 3670G Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum Review

Electrolux Ultra Silencer Green Vacuum EL6984A | eVacuumStore.com

that’s what we use have bunch of them great for house cleaning and vacuuming the windows too.
make a research and u will find better deal for sure on the price

I use a DeWalt cordless, a bit loud but I always ask my customers first if it is ok to use it, all have said yes and some have have said yes, it will get the kids out of bed.

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Canisters are too large. I use a handheld cordless. Pic to follow.

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Later… I just came out of the pool

DEWALT Bare-Tool DC515B 18-Volt Cordless 1/2 Gallon Wet/Dry Portable Vacuum (Tool Only, No Battery) - Amazon.com

for $250 you’d think there would be a bit more battery life, but Curt told me about the “off brand” batteries they sell, so we will just keep 3/4 charged in the van.


Do you use the Dyson for window tracks or mainly for other tasks? I’m pretty close to getting the Milwaukee cordless

Milwaukee Cordless Vacuum, Milwauke 0880-20 Cordless Vacuum, Wet / Dry

I have Makita’s handheld vacuum. It was a simple choice for me because I use all Makita power tools so I have lots of batteries and chargers for it. Plus Popular Mechanics rated it just above the dyson :slight_smile: Handheld Vacuum Reviews - Black & Decker vs. Dyson vs. Makita Vacs - Popular Mechanics

I just grabbed that yesterday for a ccu. I love everything but that battery life. I honestly didn’t even price shop anything else, as I heard very good things about the dyson

I have been using this small Shopvac for years and it works great. http://shopvac.com/wet-dry-vacs/vac-details.aspx?vacId=131&vacSKU=930-20-11

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here is what i use, has a 45 min battery run time. each track takes 10-15 seconds so it lasts several jobs without a recharge.

Where I’m at, the hand held lasts for about 3 windows. We vac some pretty gross stuff outta them tracks.

Shop Vac 4 Gallon All Around EZ Wet/Dry Vac - Walmart.com

We use the same. Wouldn’t be caught without it. A quality dewalt battery will last all day. The vac is small and compact. Dirt can be tapped out of filter or rinsed out if wet. First one still running strong
after 5 years.

^ yup i love it for its mobility and I have the dewalt powertools so the battery goes in all my tools. it serves its purpose and does a good job.
however I the sucktion power is not as strong as a corded vac but like i said, it does its job and saves me time.

I picked this one up: Black & Decker Flex Cordless Mini Canister Hand Vac FHV1200

Battery life is really good, comes with some accessories, and is perfect for tracks. It’s not too heavy and not too loud, but does a great job.

Dyson! Incredible little vacuum for track cleaning and cobwebs! Wow! couldn’t be happier and haven’t had any trouble with battery yet.

David from Lion Share suggested it and I am so glad that he did - it presents a super professional image, can carry around with me indoors and it doesn’t take much just to vacuum out a track and works great for sliding door tracks and sills too!