Let's talk ladder racks

The spring season is almost here and I kept telling myself through 2020 I needed a better way to load/unload/store ladders on my Express 2500 Van. We have a 32’, 24’ and 16’ extension on the van and have been using a basic rack with swivel locks the past couple years. It works but its time consuming and I need an A frame just to get the extensions up onto the roof because of the height of the express van (sketchy…)

I’m thinking of upgrading to a rack that can be lowered down for easy access and raised back up for transport (see photo).


One downside is the max you can do is a ladder per side and I’d like the option to have three or four on the roof. It also seems a little pricey to buy one but considering how much time is spent each day/week loading and unloading ladders it is probably a worthwhile upgrade in terms of efficiency.

Maybe there are better options out there? I’ve considered getting a roller on the back rack to roll ladders on from behind the van but this still means getting an A-frame ladder out to put the locks onto the extensions to secure them to the roof rack… What are your thoughts?

it’s no help to you but my thoughts are i’m glad i don’t do business like that.

When I had my van I used a Yakima roof rack with telescoping E-Z-Loader that worked great for my ladders. Maybe you could find something similar?
Screen Shot 2021-02-02 at 9.09.03 PM

That ladder rack is really nice. I wonder if I could modify it to go on my trailer.

I think thats the Kargo master and you can buy extensions to put two stack ladders on top of each other. About 80.00 So if you had both sides you could carry 4 extension ladders total.