Licensed Window Cleaners?

I noticed that a company here in Mass, is claiming to have licensed Window Cleaners, Does anybody here know what License they may be referring to ?

We know the level of service we provide enhances the quality image of our customers. Clean windows can make a huge difference in the atmosphere of your home, and it can be an essential element in the appearance of your business. Whether at work or at home, you can rest assured that your windows will be cleaned by a licensed, insured and bonded professional window cleaner

State licensed is referring to being licensed by the state to operate as a business. In the state where I do business in, it requires a service vendors license to do work and collect taxes that are due. Some businesses try to “glorify” this heading and lead people to believe that it is some type of rigorous training program that is put on by the state that they have passed and are “preferred by the state” or whatever.

You will probably notice that tree services use this tactic quite often because tree work is dangerous.

Advertising that you are state licensed is not necessarily a bogus claim if in fact you are. Its just that some will try to use it in some misleading way. I am currently state licensed and we are “Company Certified Technicians” :D.
We dont advertise the company in that way. Most people are smart enough to figure out you are trying to get an unfair edge over the comp…


Thanks Winderwasher, but the last part of the sentence more than infers the company are licensed it flat out says that the guy washing your windows will be licensed

you can rest assured that your windows will be cleaned by a licensed, insured and bonded professional window cleaner

Are they from Scotland?

It’s probably just a marketing statement.

Well , whenever I meet them I can’t understand a word they are saying , so it’s possible:rolleyes:

i think “insured and bonded” is more important than “licensed”. I too would think they are referring to vendors license…big deal…I have to have a contractors license to wash windows in one of the cities here…TO WASH WINDOWS?? just another way for the city to charge me $50.00 a year

yea they must mean state licensed. We have to have that here too. But probably 1/2 aren’t. We always put licensed and insured because there are alot that aren’t.

In Las vegas you must have a Clark County business license. If you make like more than 66% of $25,000 in a year you must have a state of Nevada license or if you are a partnership or a corporation you must have a state license. If you are marketing your business you must have all the proper licenses.

you do not need a license in MA to clean windows, but many custiomers don’t know that. It just makes the company appear to be more qualified than another by adding that on top of insured. It’s BS.

I wish that MA would require some kind of contractors license or something to clean windows here.

I’m just glad that MA does not require a license to drink Tanqueray TEN!

They might be refering to the regulating and licencing of this industry that is sure to come from the Obama Administration.

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well said linda. we all know its fish window cleaning. they seem to be overqualified for everything except for speaking english. good marketing ploy… most homeowners dont know any better… in fact im thinking of adding it to my marketing, along with 100% of our employees speaky english :slight_smile:

Your militia forbids regulations, yes?

BTW, your spelling is improving (only missed 2 of 21 this time, although the vast majority used are four letters and less.)

Not sure what militia yuo are refering to? I’m not part of any militia. I guess that would be more of your wrong assumptions.
On a lighter note I sometimes misspell on purpose, it helps your self-esteem.:smiley:

Ahh Larry, but you do need license to drink Tangueray Ten. A license for good taste!!!

Wrong – it was sarcasm.

i might also add… all of our employees work out, the owner is ridiculously handsome, plays some mean steering wheel drums, sings at the top of his lungs at red lights, is all 'round awesome and has quite the sense of humor… yup, im going to order 25,000 new postcards with those changes :slight_smile:

Don’t forget the disclaimer *** We ONLY do high end homes! ***

haha yeah no more wildlife sanctuaries :slight_smile: i should have taken a pic of that place with my phone and sent it to you