Life expectence of a hard or soft rubber for a squeegee?


in your experience what is the life expediency of a hard or soft rubber in a squeegee? What are the pros and cons of each? Thanks

Peachy Clean

So many variables, talking about life expectancy is situational.

Not a fan of hard rubber, but then again the batch I tried looked like it baked in the sun for 10 years prior to being sent my way :eek:

Rubber is cheap, use what you enjoy. I don’t put a price tag on things that work and make my life easier and more productive.

[MENTION=3449]rivet0r[/MENTION] [I]Rubber is cheap, use what you enjoy. I don’t put a price tag on things that work and make my life easier and more productive.[/I]



Hard rubbers are more for the heat
soft more for the not so heat.
As far as LIFE expectancy, it depends on how much you work.
There are some who have to change out their rubbers every day.
Others who don’t work as much can go weeks without changing. So its a relative thing.
I have used hard rubber in the heat, and to be honest it was a hassle to get used to the switch. (at least for me…)
Now i just use ettore soren year round.
I like to think of rubbers as i do my toilet paper…
“Buy what feels the best when you wipe.”


We just give each of our guys a fresh one each morning…

I always liked one a day when I was out cleaning…

Wow, I change out the rubbers on our squeegees like every 3-6 months, maybe longer. :slight_smile: However we use WFP for every exterior window, so that saves us some squeegee usage, but still that’s probably 2,000-5,000 individual panes cleaned with a rubber. I used Ettore rubbers for a long time and then switched to Pulex rubber at the recommendation of another cleaner on this forum. I’m looking forward to the day we run out of the Pulex rubber personally (it’s soft, and where we work it’s very HOT). I actually like the Ettore rubber and love the Wagtail rubber. But I haven’t tried any other brands besides these three.

Well aren’t you special :slight_smile:


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I dont know… this is one of those areas I just cant see cutting corners with… Your squeegee is your main tool. A new one just feels so good.

Actually Chris, my smile is my main tool. :slight_smile:

I’ve been wondering that myself? Maybe Soft rubber is better for cold weather and hard rubber for hot weather? Good question.

“Buy what feels the best when you wipe.”


Thanks for the laugh Pax. Almost spilled my dinner reading that quote.

I feel like when people don’t respect the fact that your trying to save money its a slap in the face to businessmen everywhere. If you want to get the most out of your rubber there is nothing wrong with that in fact it is smart. A penny saved is a penny earned. I would say hard and soft are for different weather one is cold and one is hot or humid I believe


Not at all. It’s called being a more productive, professional window cleaner. It’s about spending your time worrying about more important things rather than trying to milk the ‘professional’ out of a $3 rubber.

Instead, use that time to bring in more business, bidding jobs properly, and spending time with the family.

Not to mention, you’re fooling yourself if you think you’re saving yourself money milking a $3 rubber. Add up all the extra time detailing those skips and trails your 1 month old rubber left behind, and I assure you… You’re losing far more money.


Well I Agree with [MENTION=1]Chris[/MENTION] Nothing feels better than a fresh rubber. I don’t think trying to get all the use out of one as possible is bad though. If it lasts 3-5 days because the way you set your squeegees down or because you don’t use your cleaning squeegee to detail frames that may have sharp edges and ruin your squeegee rubber than you just saved $12 dollars(2 squeegees on my belt) a week times 52 weeks thats $624 per year, per employee.

Same way you feel when you get new socks? haha


Bret I dont ask for much in life… But if Im being honest I dream of the day, I wear a pair of socks just once and then never wear them again. I pretty much have that going now with ACWC tshirts… Socks are the next step!

The dream is in sight man!

$523/year and you’ll have socks every day. And these are through Prime…so it’s free shipping, delivered right to your door!


egh Im currently to cheap for that… maybe one day :slight_smile:

Think what it would do for your creativity and mental strength/agility. You should set it as a reward for yourself… When WCRA gets 650 members you buy a years worth of socks. Think how hard you’d work for it, if that was on the line!