Wassup, so I got a question for the commercial guys, those that do 5 story buildings and above.

I sort of want to get into that niche but not sure if it’s profitable / worth it.

Typically I do residential and some lower level commercial (usually up to 3 stories) but I want to expand a bit lol

Not sure if I should go down the lift route or wfp route.

I got about 6-10 calls this year so far about this type of work but always turn it down cause I don’t have the wfp setup or lift stuff dialed in.

But this coming winter I’ll prob decide on which direction to go - either to get a xero destroyer wfp setup or learn more about lifts / the different type of lifts etc.

Is there really more $$ in it when you calculate in the overhead needed like higher insurance costs, lift rentals, wfp setup, the risk factor?

Residential is great cash flow,
Commercial is high ticket, also takes a lot of work to dial in prices and how to market to that customer.

I’d recommend you stick to low rise commercial (4 stories and under) and residential.

Don’t worry about trying to reach the stars, there’s plenty, if not too many, homes that you can aquire with some ad spend and it’s work you will know you can handle.

If you wanna expand in any way I would say go marketing to some real high end homes.

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Yeah, 3 stories is a good place to be with a WFP. When you start to do 4 or 5 stories, it’s definitely a work out. It helps to have a helper with those so you can trade off every few windows.

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