Lighter Little Giant Folding Ladder. Thoughts?

I saw an aluminum Little Giant folding ladder at Costco yesterday; it really seemed quite light to me (I don’t yet own any ladders).
Looking at LG’s website I see they have two lengths of their new “Type 1A Revolution XE” folding ladders; max extension length of 15’ and 19’ respectively.
The 15’ weighs 28 lbs. and the 19’ weighs 35 lbs. The highest I anticipate needing to go is 2 story windows (level ground outside). Will the 19’ be tall enough for me?
Will 35 lbs. become too heavy at the end of the day.
I do have a van I could put ladder racks on, but my HOA won’t allow them and it won’t fit in the garage with ladder racks.
I like the idea of being able to lock the LG inside the van and not having to worry about the HOA.
Will this ladder work with the pivit tool I have seen advertised here?
Would you recommend this ladder?
As always, I welcome any and all comments and suggestions!

A 19’ should be okay for a lot of 2 story homes. Check pricing on some of the LG knock-offs like Werner or Cosco. They are often more affordable.

I have a 17’ Cosco Multi ladder (35lbs) and it’s never been an issue with me. I also have 23’ Featherlite (yeah right) which weighs 55lbs. That one is a beast.

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Most wcer like the stack ladders made for wcing. The initial investment is more but you can do more with them. You can pic up some used for less and they are very lightweight you can reach up to 21 ft

I have the 19’ LG and the 13’ Werner (LG knock-off), and can reach all second floor windows with no problem. The couple times I need something bigger, I just go rent a extension ladder, only about $25 for full day rental.
I have only had to rent a bigger ladder 2009 - 1time; 2008 - 0 times; 2007 2 times (I think)

Seems like more WC’ers are going away from the stacks towards the LG’s - maybe only my impression, but that’s what it seems like.

I bought a LG - M22 model - a few years back and once I bought it, I wondered why I did not buy one sooner. Fits in the back of my dakota fine and rarley do I need to carry an extension ladder.

Never had stack ladders, so I can’t give an opinion from experience, but my LG Type 1A is 42 lbs. I believe. It is a tad heavy, but to me not an irritation until it’s time to put in back in my van on its side. Moving it as an extension ladder or stepladder from spot to spot is quite easy for the most part. As for putting it on a rack, I’ve found it not worth the trouble because of the difference in widths from top to bottom. I’d think twice about saving money on one particular knockoff, the Gorilla. I have one and it’s definitely a homeowner’s grade ladder, not for professionals imo.

I have a Werner LG knockoff and it has been a very reliable ladder. It’s versatility is unmatched. It does have some drawbacks. Weight is one as is the floor space it takes up when set up as a 12ft stepladder. I am going to be getting a set of sectionals for those interior jobs where the large footprint of the Werner is a drawback.

Once you start using sectionals and get used to them, I have no doubt you will start using them for exterior also.

I can’t wait to see a Tony video about how much you love them and you can’t believe it took you so long to buy a set. :slight_smile:

You know how much I love doing videos! At the very least I’d do one using them inside.:wink:

When I got back into window cleaning I didn’t have the cash for sectionals, so I bought a large Gorilla LG knock off. It cost me $99. It worked fine for second floor windows, but it was a very heavy 55lbs.

Now I have my sectionals (a set of 5 and 1/2 pieces) and all [B]29 feet[/B] fit inside my Dodge Grand Caravan under lock and key 24/7. :smiley:
My set of sectionals is all I need for ladders. Well… I do have a 2 ft. folding step stool.

[B]“Real window cleaners use sectionals”[/B] just kidding :wink:

A good pole and swivel ledger !! Up to 35 feet !! Or wp !! I haven’t fell off my pole in a long time !! Joke !! Yes ladders have there place and poles have the place. All i know is the fall isn’t bad !! That sudden stop at the end is a real bummer !! We have lots of high winds so sometimes it’s early mor or late evening to do some work with a pole !! Yes u will have to do things different when u pole !! But u will be posting here the next day !! Yes i have a lg 17 and use it for awning cleaning lights. I tryed a 22 ft fag !!! Two men and a boy to get it set up !! I had wood grid to remove in about 8 large windows. This job hasn’t come up again !! Oh i’m the boy now !! Joke ! Poles are safer !!! Not to start a ladder - pole war but each his own !! Stan, pro window kleening for 27 years and pr

I’d say go ahead and get yourself a LG knock off for now. Only because I know from being there that starting out doesn’t allow sometimes purchasing the expensive equipment that will allow you the ability to do the job right and more efficiently. However as soon as you can afford to I would purchase a set of sectional and get at least 4 sections when you do. It was the best purchase I’ve made (even over the wfp set up I have) because of the placements I can make with a sectional that I cannot with any other ladder out there.

Listen, sectionals are made for window cleaners and if you are ever able to use them every other ladder selection will take a back seat bar none. Make sure you get a bonnet and a ladder stopper and you will have boosted your professionalism ten fold not to mention your efficiency on the job. :slight_smile:

When you buy your sectionals don’t forget to purchase one 1/2 piece middle section because the only draw back to sectional ladders is that you can not raise them in one foot increments like an extension ladder. A four foot middle piece allows you go up or down in two or three foot increments depending how you mix and match the pieces being used. You can take out a six ft. piece and add the four or just add the four foot piece. Don’t forget that you loose a foot with each piece because they interlock one foot. So a four is really a three and
a six is really a five. The top six foot piece will always be six feet.

Sectional ladders were designed for inside work - to fit inside elevators and to be moved easily from room to room.

Little Giant type ladders are generally considered too heavy for day to day use, and folding them into different configurations takes way more time than simply raising or lowering an extension ladder.

One trick with extension ladders: if all of your extension ladders are from the same manufacturer, you can add, for example, an 8’ D- ring section from a 16’ ladder to a 28’ ladder to get about 34’ of height out of it. It works in a pinch, and of course is not how the ladder was officially designed to be used, so the usual precautions and disclaimers apply.

My 1/2 a cent worth of info… I love my LG knock off, mines a werner. Ad you might have guessed by my handle im a larger man and i like the stability of the LG for my fat rear:) The weight dosent bother me throughout the day. But then again i did carry sheetrock for a living after i graduated from college. Kinda sad that driving a truck pays more than working in an office. Oh well my wifes out of school finally:):):):):):):). My part time guy does love his exstension ladders though.