Lightest 32' Extension ladder

Quick question. Who makes the lightest 32’ aluminium extension ladder? And where could I find one?

Your best bet may be finding an older one on Craigslist or a similar place as I believe all new ladders over 24 only come with the heavy duty rating, the ones with the blue or black tips

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Werner is the standard for aluminum extension ladders and you can get them at any big box store for a little under three hundred bucks. If you buy used make sure the thing isn’t twisted because, you never know, somebody might have dropped it and screwed it up somehow. So, just curious? What do you need the 32’ for? A lot of times there are much easier and safer ways to getting things done without a 32’.

Make sure you also look at the Louisville Ladder. The way the feet swivel makes them safer in my opinion.

I have both Louisville and Werner. I question the comment about the lightest ladder. The lighter the ladder, the more flex and wobble when you are climbing it. I don’t know about you, but when my head is 30’+ above the ground, I don’t want to be wobbling around

Is there a light 32’ ladder?

I’ve been looking for a light 32’ too. I have some gutter cleaning contracts where we have to carry our ladder all over the complex and our 28 is just barely long enough, and honestly not the safest approach to some of our setups.

I need it for gutter cleaning. 110 town homes. Some can be done with a 28 type 2, which I have, but I want a 32’ type 2 for the rest.

Wow… :cool:

I have a 32’ type 1 but that thing wears me out. For all of these buildings I want to kick it into hyper-drive with a lighter 32’.

Yeah, it’s the one you drop down to, after muscling a 48 all day.

[I]“Light as a feather ,stiff as a board…”[/I]

Guys it’s called a sectional ladder. 5 1/2 pieces and you are good. Or 5 depending on how high u need to go. It’s light and just put u a roller top on it and roll it up the wall as u build it.

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First off I’m trying to be efficient. No one cares if you can handle a 48’. I have no need for a 48’. Id just bosun down or wfp.

I love my sectionals, but I don’t use them for gutter cleaning. They don’t work well with my stand off. And it’s an older model without the safety pins, so there’s the potential of it sinking into the ground and the sections separating, because the standoff is resting on the roof.

I would check Craigslist for an older ladder. As was mentioned previously, I don’t think the lower rated ladders are being made any bigger than 28’ now.

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Werner makes a 225lb rated 32’ ladder. You can order it from Lowe’s and have it shipped to your local store for free.

As Randy said, I think Louisville makes a Type 1 (250 lb. duty rating) 32ft, which is lighter than a type 1A (300 lb. duty rating). I have a Louisville 32 ft Type 1, and it is pretty easy to move around on my own. I also have a Werner Type 1A 40ft, and it is an absolute beast. I can move it on my own, but it really needs 2 guys to move it safely.
Since I switched over to wfp, I have probably used the 40 ft once in 3 years.
Hope this helps.

Note to self: Read entire thread before posting. Didn’t realize OP already has a 32ft Type 1, and was looking for a Type 2. Sorry.

Oh bzzz… :rolleyes:

I was replying to Buddyo’s joke.
That it seems like the only way ladders become lighter is when you been stuck moving one heavier.

I don’t even know why I’m explaining myself… f-ing grouch.

Seriously “ooh nobody cares if you can handle a 48.” ?
What kind of shitty stupid comment is that?!?

Oh, and “I don’t need a 48, or I’d just chair it.”
[B]- well the “bosun or wfp” ain’t helping you much in THIS situation, eh?[/B]

Smartass, I respect.
Shithead grouch? C’ya.

Then don’t

a 32’ is way easier to deal with than 5 1/2 sections. not to mention safer, since sectionals aren’t rated to handle loads that high.

there is no “lightweight” 32. you either handle it LIKE A BOSS, or you pass the job to somebody else. So just sack up and get a BEEF ladder, do some crunches or whatever so you can deal with it, or stop booking work you can’t handle.

Amen! Brother.