Lines forming after cerium oxide polish

Has anyone experienced these lines after doing a cerium oxide polish? I polished about eight other panes in the same area and it didn’t do this. If I squeegee the window they go away and don’t come back for maybe two weeks but then it’s as if whatever dirt or film builds up on the outsides is statically attracted to the areas which is polishing. It does whipe

off and will clean up but its as if it clings there first. Not sure why so I was hoping someone might know a reason or maybe something I did wrong. I was going to try polishing it again when I get a chance and see if it makes it go away. These are the windows at my office so not a big issue as far as time frame goes.

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nice office :+1:

Henry’s the man with the answers is my guess

I do a building where they called in another company to do some polishing and now those areas are a mess and look all whited out

I’m glad it was just your own office, that would be a drag to have a callback on

Hi Deanswc. Did you figure out what happened?

It looked to me in the photograph that a special coating was being removed.

I’m going on a Glass Polish course in December - I could ask their opinion if you wanted.

That would be awesome! I havent figured it out yet. I tried polishing the whole pane with bioclean in hopes it would put a coating on it and even it out. It worked for a bit but is still there. To me it seems like it just attracts dirt and like a film faster. I can wipe my hand over it and it comes off. After i clean the glass it looks great but after about a month you will see it again when the sun shines through. I just havent had time to mess with it. I was gonna give it another polish with the cerium but in a more circular pattern and im guessing it will fix it.

Did you seal it at all?

I’d say you’re right about the fix - I’ll see what my mentor says in December because that is a special category of annoying like a wooden splinter to the toe.

No I actually didnt even think about it. I was hoping the bioclean would seal it in some degree since it does say it has a 3 month sealant. What would you recommend as a product?

Most sealers will create a hydrophobic surface to facilitate movement of water droplets. They also protect the glass from scratches, as the cerium oxide treatment leaves the glass extremely vulnerable to scratching.

I’m not certain it will solve your particular issue but it is a BMP when doing glass restoration.

Here are a couple products we sell:


What size pad did you use?
What material?
How much pressure was applied to glass?
What speed was the buffer set to?

Hi Jordie, you know we should have another coffee break? The questions you asked are not that pertinent. If the glass becomes rough and completely hydrophylic it is very scratch sensitive. Most sealants even Dawn will protect these surfaces from scratches. The question is for how long! I have not done a video demonstrating how to create a scratch sensitive surface and a scratch resistant surface. Would you like to do this together?



I asked the GP guy and showed him a photo of your office window but he didn’t know the cause.

If I had to guess there was a mistake at the factory and a pane was installed backwards. When you polished it you removed some of the tin coating and this explains why dust behaves like that.

Any chance I can use this pic for examples???


What kind of examples are you thinking of using it for? Like employee training or something?

On my website for educating my customers and employees.