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What’s the easiest way send a link for Google reviews? When I email an invoice I use that as an opportunity to ask for a review. I used to ask for a Facebook review or recommendation on NextDoor, but I’m going to replace NextDoor with asking for a Google review. I can’t figure out how to copy and paste a link like I did with Facebook though.

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Morning @Erica!

Here’s the instructions from Google for how to get a direct link to your companies review page:

One issue that you may find with your strategy, is often the first review invite to the customer doesnt’ result in a review.

Maybe it arrives when they’re busy or an inconvenient time to leave a review.

Setting yourself up with a system like NiceJob (disclaimer: Im biased as I work with NiceJob :slight_smile: ) that can gently keep encouraging them to leave a review and can detect when they actually do will really improve your review conversions.

All the best!


Don’t know what everyone else said,
But what I’m going to be doing is when I’m done with a job is ask the customer if she is happy with all the work we completed today , An when she says yes I will ask her if I’m deserving of a 5 star review.

Then I’ll ask her if I could send a link to your cell phone if yes. I will say if you give this review to us before you leave I will discount you 5 percent.

I also had Steve @ the customer factor tie in links to my FB page An My google page that will get sent 2 days after the job is complete. With a thank you email :+1: Thanks Steve your are the man !!!
I will try without the discount at first see how that goes. :smile:

Btw havnt really been asking at all until last year.
An I wasn’t persistent with it.

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Erica. What you do is google the name of your business Scroll down till you see that box with an Arrow
Click it An you can send your link via email text whatever

Hope this helps

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I use Nice Job and it works great. All your reviews in one place and easy to respond to the customer


You can send them a direct link to your google places review page that auto populates the review with 5 stars. Best tutorial I’ve found for this is here:
You do need to start in a mobile web browser to set this up. Just updated the links on our site to auto populate the 5 stars. The only part of the long URL you’ll really need is your google search terms and then the end code that begins “&lrd=…”
It would be best to use a URL shortener to make the link fit easily in a text message and look cleaner if you don’t use hyperlink text in your emails.
Here’s the our Iink as an example: MasterPro Service Bend OR - Google Search


Make it easy for your customer!!

For WCR, we made a simple, how-to page with direct links for our customers as the process can be confusing for some: Leave a Google+ Review | WCR –

I can also second NiceJob - it’s a sleek program that can really automate the process of “asking” for reviews.


Thanks @Jessica ! I noticed you’re already using the NiceJob widget to publish your reviews on The WCRA Association - Free Shipping, Discounts, Templates, and more – - looks good!

Me too and love it!