Liquidator messing with my head

I’ve been using mainly liquidators for several months now. Yesterday, i was working on my straight pulls with a 24" sorbo quicksilver and had to fan the bottoms with it. It feels really nice to fan with but i kept touching the glass with the channel, which got annoying. The liquidator just has me so used to holding the handle closer to the glass that i couldn’t get myself to maintain the correct angle with the sorbo. Looks like the Liquidator is starting to take over my muscle memory!


Wich is your standard angle with the liquidator?

I’ve actually been using the standard Moerman handle… Not sure what angle that is but I’d say I hold it about two inches from the glass as opposed to the three i was used to previously with my ninja. At first, I would constantly have streaks cause I’d forget to maintain that shallower angle especially on turns. Now it’s starting to become my new normal.

On a related note, i was using the LedgeEz with the liquidator previously, but now with the new clips it became too much of a hassle for me. Sucks, cause that handle is fantastic, but the very underwhelming Moerman handle is working out fine. I wish Moerman would make a more comfortable, quality-feeling handle like the LedgeEz or the ninja.


I think the standard fixed moerman handle is 40°

Thanks, Sam.

When i looked at it again today i saw i have the other one that also converts to a 0°.

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Yeah I’d like to see them produce a dog-eared wide body channel with a solid handle that can reach over deep frames.

there is no such witchcraft


Well there should be!

What a coincidence. I just said that to a friend of mine two days ago. He likes to straight pull with the liquidator. I tried it today and it was a disaster. Had to go back to my new go-to of excelerator 12" for the top and microtiger and 18" liquidator for the bottom. But then on the next job i needed ultimate speed and my 24" quicksilver sliced through it in minutes. I just want the best of both worlds: liquidator zero detailing, sorbo smoothness and clean close-outs, and widebody stability. Is this too much to ask?

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these are mutually exclusive, because of the extra pressure the liquidator applies to the tips, it doesn’t respond well to the change of angle that happens when you pull your hand out as you close out

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I’d like a wide body with just a teeny bit of turn-down near the tips like my modified SS channels. I just took a channel locks and bent the corner tips down a couple degrees.

A wide body with such a design would ideally make it easier (though not necessarily automatic) to achieve zero detail than what’s already on the market. I do think it’s possible to cut detailing down to nothing while preserving most of the smooth feel from a normal wide body.


I agree Samuel.
The new legend channel seems not to have the tips bent forward,which I think is necessary to push the water away.
Maybe we can modify that channel :blush::sunglasses:

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