Little bumps on windows

Hey guys,

Are y’all experiencing lil bumps on the windows? They look like tree pieces, or like bug dots all over the windows.

Fly poop?

Artillery fungus. It comes from mulch. Spores or fungus come from pine bark or other mulch. It can shoot 20 or 30 feet. Soak it well and let it dwell for a few moments then scrub or scrap off.


If your talking about the little black dots that don’t come off when you razor them and they nick your razor blade when you go over then they are usually welding Sparks that have hit the glass when they were hot and have melted into the surface of the glass. A lot of time if you look around there will be iron work need by like a railing or fencing or maybe from plumbing work etc.

Not sure if that hit the target or not.



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Could be fly and or spider droppings