Little white spots!

Hi, I am just starting to clean windows so I have been cleaning the windows at my own house to get good at it, anyway I was using some regular dish soap (not dawn) because I did not want to use the good stuff that I bought. So, when I finish washing my windows I go back and check all my windows, they were clean except for a whole bucnh of little white dots all over them. Is this caused by the soap? Or am i doing something else wrong? Thanks

You didn’t use the good stuff.

Are all the windows effected?

Not all of them but a big majority of them.

Do they scrape clean?

You may have some hard water deposits on your windows. Great way to try out hard water stain remover. :smiley:

These could be in between the glass panes if you have double pane windows. In that case it might be hard water spots from moisture buildup caused by leaky seals.

Good thought Steve.
Sometimes moisture does build up between the glass and collect in small “spots”.
Nothing you can do from a cleaning stand point.

Aren’t they known as spores?

Agreed That would be my first guess.


Honest. (recall I do fog removal)

wait…I did…fog removal.

“Corrosion” is the term for the chemical reaction that takes place between panes.

you probably never noticed those spots when the windows were dirty. But now they are clean you can see all those spots.

I always have clients tell me “wow never realized how dirty the windows were, but now we’ll notice every little speck because they are so clean”

im guessing hard water spots too or seals leaking and you have em in between panes.

In the earlier stages of failure, the double pane windows have accepted moisture but it is hard to see. In fact, on some days it is very easy to see the ‘fog’ or other noticeable feature indicating failure while other days, the moisture is not visible at all.

later, it will come and go more often and faster…then slower until finally the moisture stays.

In between these stages are different forms of visuals. Depending on what type of ‘moisture’ has been allowed into the seal(s).

A window close to a sprinkler carrying water with iron (say the front yard) will look much different than one in the back yard next to a pool. Different even from the window that failed but is in the sunlight most of the time…or water carrying calcium.

The one thing is for sure; if the spots or visuals are between two panes, you have failure and ‘cleaning’ will not work.

And, if the window is a door, it is non repairable. It must be replaced for cosmetics and possible even for R-Value.

Its not water spots its like little white specs. I think it must be from the soap. Today I am going to try and scrap them and rewash them using the “good soap” and see what happens. :slight_smile:

Sounds like they (windows) need a good Powerscrape. And use the good stuff, DAWN.

What’s a “Powerscrape?”

spoil sport here, but…
for about $4 a bottle and just a squirt into the bucket, that makes the solution about… what .02 - .05c per bucket! Just why are you doing that?

You know just watch this again.
I think it is when you scrape like a mainiac in all directions without lifting or cleaning the blade?

I can’t remember anything from last week.