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Hey everyone who lives where there is electricity,

So, I’m still trying to find a good price on a water tank. While I’m doing this I thought I would “rent” a DI tank, just like lots of people do.
I called 2 different culligan stores, the closest is 35 miles away, the second is almost 50. On the phone, “You want to do what?”. Its like I was speaking Greek. Both stores wanted me to buy the tanks and the resin. They seemed absolutely amazed that I would want to run untreated water through a DI tank.

Oh well, back to the drawing board.:slight_smile:

Hey Sean,

I live in the DC area and I have to drive almost an hour north (50 miles) to rent my tank from Culligan in Hagerstown, MD. Or it’s a $50 delivery charge which I sometimes do. It depends how busy I am when I need to regenerate my rental tank.

My Culligan rep said there are only a few folks who rent tanks for window cleaning from them, so it is not very common around these parts.

Perhaps you could visit the WCR Store and purchase a tank or two and some resin.

Thanks Lar.

Here’s a link to our store where you can purchase tanks and resin.

Feel free to give me a call if you have any questions.

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The only reqason I was looking at renting a DI tank was because I am still gathering the bits and peices of my wfp. I have the pole and supply hose, I am still working on getting my RO/DI system and storage tank together. I was just thinking that renting a DI tank would get me going a little quicker.

No big deal, I’ll just get the rest of my system together sooner.

Thanks again for the replies,

What’s your raw water like ?? Tds ?? Start from top tds to di could be done but its a lot cheaper with another way !! Do u have a sofner in home ?? Then get a tank and haul your water !! Other wise you will be out of di water faster then you think !! Now get this to charger a di unit i have to drive 220 miles one way !!! Ya !! So…i just buy it and put in the tank !! Ben doing this way for many years !! There’s other ways but that’s the short story !! Our tds is 800- 900 that’s why !!stan

Thanks Pro,

Yeah, TDS at my house is 057, repeat, 057 ppm. The house where I lived for the last ten years is 037. The plan all along, has been to make my water at home. I drive a 1 ton truck so hauling water is no problem. I know a 1 ton is overkill for wc but I use the truck for alot of other things that just can’t be done w/ a lighter truck.I don’t have enough work yet to afford one of the very nice systems available from Shawn, Chris, and Alex.

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You could make a lot of water w/ just a DI tank at those readings. You may want to think about getting a tank from WCR and going that way.

Wow !! Most people don’t know what there tds is !!! The way your thinking is right on. Rember that water weight is 8 lbs so get a 100 gal tank should do you right !! You could get by with a 50 gal. I use about 50 gal. On a 3 story buliling . And i’m liberal with the water useage. The concept will work if yur tds is low. But not all water is the same !!! Some places, say out of the city or so are on a different well !! Different tds !! I would still put a inline filter to remove the chunks. To make your di water away from the home could cost you more !! Check with a ag farm place for tanks and pumps. Theres more to this!! Give me call 605-280-8272 any time, stan

Tonys correct. You could get upwards of 4,000 gallons from a 1 cubic foot DI tank with low readings like that.

Here is a chart that tells you what you could potentially expect from a DI tank. This chart configured for a 1/2 cubic foot tank so you can just about double the numbers for a full cubic foot tank.


Soapboy, if your TDS is 057 all you’ll ever need is a rental DI tank. Get a full cubic foot one (9"x44" cylinder tank) and it’ll last you anywhere from 6 months to a year. That’s so much cheaper than an RO/DI cart that cost so much. The DI tank does the same thing to water. It purifies it down to a TDS level of 000 ppm.

Thanks alex, each area is different !! Anything done in line to get the tds dow when it goes into the di tank helps !! For sure !!this is why i just buy it from my sofener guy !! I have 25 gal on stand by all the time !! If i have a large project i just order more. After hrs i just swing by and top off what i need. A sm town thing !! Works for me !! Yes i would like to do it another way but i can’t change the water. Stan

Hey everyone,

Wow, thanks for all the responses. I know I’m lucky with my low tds, making water at home with a RO/DI, or just a DI, will be pretty economical. The thing is, like Seth and Stan, no one anywhere near me rents DI tanks. So I’m not going to rent a tank. And I’m not going to buy one for $500-$600. My DIY RO/DI system and my storage tank together, will cost less than buying a DI tank. I will be able to make 150 gallons a day.

Thanks Stan, I already have a 65 gallon leg tank that we use here on the farm. Tractor supply has a 125 gallon leg tank for $299. I can find them cheaper online, but add in the shipping and the price is about the same, even for factory blemish tanks. There is even a place about 45 miles away that makes the roto-mold poly tanks, but they want a ridiculous amount of money for their tanks and they don’t have any factory blemish tanks in my size in stock.

One question I haven’t asked is how much water I would use on say a house with 85 frenchies. The 65 gallon leg tanks are pretty affordable. With the 125 gallon tank I might be able to run two poles for a while.

I can’t say thank you enough for everyones input, its the people that make this place special. And please, nobody worry, I’m not freaking out, or running around like a chicken with my head cut off. I really do enjoy figuring this kind of stuff out. I’ve been in construction for 30+ years and I have spent my life on the farm, I know how to do stuff, and if I don’t know how to do something, I will damn well figure it out, just like everyone here. And its fun sharing the ins and outs and ups and downs with everyone here.:smiley:

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Sean, a couple things that wasn’t talked about was weather!! The moon and stars and wind has a lot to do with water poleing !! I limit is 10 mph or so depending where the building is. I perffer nobody around to trip and fall over things !! Or get wet !! I will not work around a car in the road !! But sum fool has to work after hrs. Or on the week end i do the project !! All in all wp is 60-70 percent faster !! On the frenchy i would do them the regular way with wet scraping then wp next time. Maybe a little discount. Take your time !! Quality then speed. I run about 260 ft of hose for res. 150 most of the time with a few homes out to the max. On the tanks make sure you get them tie down extra good !! A little accident and they could come up to visit you !! Ya !! That 65 gal full is 520 pd !!! Another thing when wp is have a hose wangler there !! You have a lot going on up there !! Triping over a hose just don’t get it !! You drop the pole !! What that going to cost you ??? Ya !!keep us up dated on your project. Stan

To give you an idea, you only need about 1/2 gallon per minute to come out of your water fed pole.

Hope this helps.

Dependent upon a window’s condition, I see excellent results @ 1/4 GPM.

We have places that just rent tanks out here, 75 per month for two full cube tanks. I normally get through 15-20 houses before I need to exchange them. WFP is the way to go, you cant properly build a company by taking 6 hours to do a house, it gets dark here at 437 pm during the winter so time is of the essence. WFP customers are much happier with the results and streaks are no longer a problem