Living social, groupon, etc

Just got an email $40 for 20 windows interior and exterior, normally $80. I see these all the time and usually from the same few companies. I’m in a tight market and $80 is insane so $40 is inconceivable to me and from what i’ve read the company is only making $20.

How it’s this even possible. Even if your only paying someone minimum wage your going to lose money. how can you upsell to a person only willing to pay $40 for window cleaning. and they pop up so often why would that person pay the full $80 next time.

Not sure if i have any real questions, just disgusted.

Maybe I should buy one of these packages for myself and see how these companies make this work. Anybody ever done this?

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If you’re time is worth $100+/hr how can you not afford to hire them to clean your own windows?

sounds ‘fishy’… and is.

There are those that work for free and think they are making money !

I just got a phone call today with Amazon Local. Same type of stuff there. Getting 25% of what you normally get sounds completely goofy. If your running employees you probably have to do the job twice to break even. Whatever happened to ROI. I’m not doing it.

Tried LS, Groupon and Angies List. You need to have very strict guidlines such as window panes, service area before mileage. You can break even if done right and sending an employee. LS and groupon people are cheap! you will sell a ton and kick yourself for it later. Angies List Big Deal worked out very well. Only sold 21 of them and 90% did had significant up sell. For every 50 LS customers there was 1 that up sold at least $200. Had a few turn into $1000+ jobs but not enough to make it worth it. One LS from last year called in and 4 of her neighbors went at the same time and are set up yearly.

i too have had really good luck with Living Social, upsells is at 71% the last two years. We run 10 windows for $60 and 87% so far got 20+ windows clean at $8 each ( outside only). Been very profitable for us! The 71% in upsell isnt including window cleaning upsells, (thats the 89%) the 71% is roof cleaning, PW, Gutter cleaning. last year we sold 128 coupons and it brought in $7900 in 60 days. We have only ran it for 2 years but the repeat is roughly 35% thus far.

I run coupons all the time. They work great if you word them right aand tailor them so you have up sells available. 10-15 window deals work great, cause the average 2500sqft home here has about 20 windows.

What irritates me is guys who ruin the market with idiotic deals like the one that just ran in one of my markets. 33 windows in/out for $85… Talk about destroying the value of service…

The bright side is he’s busy chasing $42.50 and your making $ and he will be out of business when it ends

Brian my man I wish it was that easy. This guy isint going anywhere. It’s not as big of a deal as I make it. You have that one guy in your market you really just can’t stand? Well this is him. I think if he sneezed it would somehow irritate me :wink:

In san Diego so many deals are constantly going so you don’t getvery many buys. In fact most of the deal sites won’t run Window Cleaning specials.

Its everywhere. Even without coupons and specials. A few days ago I posted a what would you bid. Total of 145 panes . Spotted paint over spray mud and drips from last guy etc… Talking to head nurse/assistant. They pay about 80-100 to have a guy PW. So he sprays everything down. To do right and get looking good I was figuring 3-4 hours not a simple wipe & squeeze. Well, 200 plus is a little high. I gave an option of 150 but not do the one far side. PW is cheaper so why pay 150? They dont understand when employees and clients approach this place and see the filth outside that whatever you are doing to keep up the clinic’s appearance isnt working. I will prevail though. Folks want to pay $1 or less per window. I would say they are using the factor concept to generate revenue of not employees but subs. You dont pay taxes on subs. The subs get paid 20 bucks for an hour and do a few jobs every day for a week. So they get 300-400 a week and business gets that much from that sub. I bet they are subcontractors working for the company. I had subs for cleaning but since went Inc converted to employees. They make less because as subs they paid own taxes and could deduct a lot. Switched over because IRS is cracking down on these so called “subs” who are actually employees by IRS definition and I wanted full control of them. So folks with subs beware 2013 they are on a manhunt, so to speak. Same with moveout cleanings. We lose a lot of properties to these independent business who do crappy work but do it for half of what we charge. They pay a few friends up to 600 a year and write it all off. So little tax liability and low overhead.
Unless these folks are really that good or it is the owner and 1 employee or helper. I don’t see it either. Plus from a client’s perspective. I pay 40 for a cleaning. Why would I pay 80 next time. My search is now to find another for 40. If you can do for 40 then someone else can do it as well. These guys are getting the foot in the door. Only make 20 now but next time make 40 or 50. They just lowered the bar for the rest. Either meet their price or like I feel you want cheap go ahead and pay cheap. I will not lower my standards, have a nice day. BTW, you have my card. Usually takes people a few months to realize they have just been had.
In the end it is not the cleaners fault but the clients. Doesn’t matter if done well only matters if done cheap.