Logo Critique - Which logo is the best here?

Want your guys’ opinion and why you chose that logo. Thanks :slight_smile: I will be doing pressure washing, window cleaning, and gutter cleaning.

3…Cuz it’s the best


Oh shitttt, Luke the Window Cleaner! Thanks for the feedback man.

3 definitely…1 looks like Choriot… 2 is better but still too busy and with the chariot and driver I just go huh? 3 is the cleanest, the horse is a good visual hook, “workhorse”. And then I still wonder why “chariot”…

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Plus one for number 3

But just an FYI, I think you may be conveying the wrong idea with your subscript:

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I was going to go with my name but didn’t want to put my own name (first or last) in the name of my business. I thought Chariot was cool because it’s a horse that puts in work. The horse is always hustling to get where he needs to be. Stupid?

I would have no clue what " Professional Services " you offer. Have you give this ( Logo Design ) its due consideration for the long term effect and consequences ? I am curious…why a Chariot ?

I see your reason now why the Chariot. Yes Stupid ! No, really, not trying to be mean but just because you know this connection ( The Horse is always hustling ) doesn’t mean the Regular Joe is going to make the association. Don’t you want potential customers to be able to know immediately who you are and what you do ? I feel like you are complicating this.

A chariot because it is a working horse. Do you have any other suggestions? To be 100% honest I didn’t think it needed a lot of explaining as I’ve seen a number of other companies with XXXXX Professional Services that are window cleaners & pressure washers.

I would put that I do window cleaning & pressure washing on business cards and other advertising. I didn’t want to put window cleaning or pressure washing in the name of the business because I wanted to do both equally and I thought if I put either one of them in my name someone would think I’m not well trained either of them. Ex: someone sees me window cleaning storefronts or looking for customers and I have pressure washing in my name. A little odd, no?

If it isn’t good I guess I’ll have to go back to the drawing board.

Well…you asked for feedback on the logo. And the Logo you posted DID NOT say anything about Window Cleaning or PWing. If you have a standard tag line that is consistent , then include that with the logo as part of the log ( A tag Line ). But I still think the Chariot is a stretch to associate with your business.

Understood WDW. Thank you. Would ‘Specialty Cleaning’ Be better than pro services? Can you think of any other line I could use to give a little more info on what I do

Its not odd for the storefront who needs their walks Power washed. If you are going to do the service say you are. If you saw a work truck at your neighbors that had a logo - Bobs Roofing and Siding and they were doing only the roof. Would you immediately think that Bob was a rookie at siding work ?

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That makes sense. ‘Chariot Pressure Washing & Window Cleaning’ is too long?

I will yield my time to others LOL. Don’t want to be a thread hog. Lets see what others have to say Peachy.

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To me No 3 says that the horse is dragging the company along and doing all the work. 1 and 2 are more dynamic and imply team work so better. However I say lose the whip as this is a very cruel way to force an animal to work harder when it is already flat out.
The wheel does not work as a letter and looks like an O. Choriot??
So… take the driver from No1 as he looks more dynamic, driving forward, and put onto No 2 graphic with standard word Chariot and then lose the whip.

Instead of a whip use a wfp.


#2 and concur with replacing whip with a WFP .
Try “Chariot Cleaning Services.”

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You just like it ‘cause it’s got a horse…



My only advise is do it right the first time. Get a pro to design something for you. That looks like clip art. A big no no when it comes to Logos.
Pay a pro An be done with it.

How much is that? I paid $25 for those. I completely understand where you’re coming from but I don’t have hundreds of dollars just to spend on the logo.