Logo redesign

Has anyone had their logos redone? I’m thinking I want to update/refresh and “bring to life” my current logo.

I basically just want a more realistic logo or one that pops some more. I just want to get some stickers made for my buckets and whatnot.

I can recommend you the place I got my logo done. Not sure if they do logo redesign work though. The logo they made for me was around $450.

I’ve never paid for logo work, but have redone mine a number of times. Most recently, @spraygenix Lincoln on the PWR forum was kind enough to help polish up my concept and vectorize it. If he’s got any availability at all, he would be worth paying to redo yours.

We were really happy with 99designs. Mjcleverich was the designer we used. Very easy to work with and did everything we wanted. Did our wrap design too!

My wife does graphic design, I’m never afraid to push her services. Don’t know if her style will jive with you, but she has done all My design/marketing work and she does a great job imo. Havilah.studio is her website. My website is ikesww.com if you want to see that.

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Hi, Jill from the WCR Print department here! We do custom logo design for $60/hour. There is no minimum, you are only charged for time spent and the art is yours to keep at the end. I would be more than happy to give you some feedback and do a revamp if you are interested. We can print the stickers too =)

Let me know if you would like more info, my email is [email protected]

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Do you have a portfolio for members to look at?

We may have some examples to show you, but for the most part we do not keep the logos to show. Many people have similar designs and we like to protect each of our clients and prevent anyone from stealing their logo or design. Most people do not want their design to be used or altered and used by others so we felt this was the best way to handle it. You can go on Pro window cleaning, many people have posted the work we have done to show everyone.

If you have a logo we would be more than happy to give you an estimate on time and discuss the changes we would make to improve it before we go through with the actual work. An hour is usually more than enough time to give you a few new concepts for you to look at and choose from.

Thanks for the info. I’m quite happy with my current logo (see profile pic). I was asking more out of curiosity, and for the sake of anyone shopping for a new logo.

My personal opinion is, people are going to plagiarize regardless. Most other companies offering logo services have a portfolio they show off.

I’m not familiar with Pro Window Cleaning. Is that a fb group? Or another forum?

I completely understand.

Yes, it is unfortunate that people will still steal designs, and given the industry it limits you to what you can actually use. Still, we try to avoid that as best we can. As long as we have permission from the owner we can show samples of logo design and having a portfolio is a good idea. I am going to see what I can do about getting one together.

Your logo is very nice, perfect for your company name, simple, clean and easy to print. No complaints here.

Sorry about that, yes, Pro Window Cleaning is a Facebook group. A lot of the members print with us and tend to post pics and videos of the work we did.

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