Long range radio remote pump controller

Manage your pump from distance using WFP Link pump controller and radio remote.

Easily adjust Flow
Switch the pump
Set a rinse boost
And more via the four button rechargeable Fob

Plus connect to the Fob to your mobile phone. The WFPL app mirrors the controller display onto your phone, Adjust Fob button options remotely.

The WFP Link controller uses LoRa ( long range ) radio technology and will work with no line of sight between the fob and receiver Range can be up to 700 feet.

Please see the following review WFP Link and Basic Pump Controller From Spring Europe Ltd Part 1 - YouTube

To purchase: https://windowcleaner.com/spring-europe-radio-remote-wfp-link-advance

Has this one got reverse polarity protection? You know, in case I manage to wire it backwards again? :man_facepalming::joy:

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The Newer V16 controller has additional reverse polarity protection in case the Controller Red and black cables get miss connected to the battery. Spring Europe V16 WFP Link | WFP | WCR – WindowCleaner.com. V16 uses an Arm processor and gives us the ability to add this additional protection.

The V11 version has a Diode fitted on the power supply input to protect the processor in the event of a miss connection. and with a fuse fitted these do provide some protection against a miss wire.

The V16 has additional protection

Yes, thanks. But it’s unclear from the description whether this wireless controller uses the v11 or v16 circuitry.

Edit: never mind. I gotta work on my reading comprehension.

Why is this a thing?

Pump controllers are often used with Deep cycle battery pump systems. These can be Truck. mounted on a trolley or even where a battery powered booster box is used. The benefit of the controller on a pump delivery system is managing the pump allowing flow to be altered, Monitoring the battery and current draw and managing water use which is useful for tank based systems. Benefits of a Pump Controller - YouTube

The Radio remote allows all this to happen away form the system

it’s a thing because in a second or 2 you can flush your $500 right down the drain. i never even got to use mine. maybe one day i’ll send it to england to be be repaired but it’s been a year now. it’s so common even wagga did it when connecting his years ago.
i got bad advice from the seller, never should have purchased the model i did and the manufacturer is thousands of miles away so even if i get it repaired i still have the wrong model.
all my fault, bad research bad installation but 500 cad wasted hurts.

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I do remember a situation last year where the WFP Link did not have a Bluetooth Module fitted to the Fob as such it was not able to connect to a phone app. In that instance we offered to a App enabled fob at cost and then shipped directly to Canada. Despite distance and time differences we do try to give as much support as possible. As hard as we try sometimes things do slip through the net. Of note as a result of these situations we have changed the way we label Fobs an provide information via the website and Youtube. In this case if you would like to email me directly at ian.sheppard@springltd.co lets see what can be done to either get this working or what support can be offered

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