Long time reader, first time posting

Let me introduce myself, some of my friends call me Beeler had the nickname since birth. I live in Green Bay, do I need to say Wisconsin, you know the Packers and all. I know they lost an important game but it was a fun year. I retired in 1998 at the age of 47, after 6 years of screwing off I got bored and started a vinyl sign business. Closed it after 4 years.

Last summer my neighbor asked me if I wanted take care of their home cutting grass, trim the shurbs ect. This is one big house with lots of windows. The owner asked if I would wash all the windows on the outside, sure I said.
I went to Home Depot and bought what I thought I needed and got on this web site and started to read everything I could.
Then went to work, it took 10 hours moving ladders takes alot of time and the 400 French window didn’t help.
But you know, it’s not a bad job. So I went around the neighborhood and asked if anyone need they windows clean.
I got 4 jobs, 2 of them million dollar homes and 2 ranch home.
The more I read on this site the better I got at cleaning windows. I then went to a WFP system, I practiced on my home and was not happy at first. I kept reading on this site and watched some videos on Youtube. I’m not one to give up so, I kept at it but would not use it on any houses until I felt I did a good job on my home. After lots of reading and practice I felt like I was getting good results. What a time saver, that house that took me 10 hour to do, now I did it in 5 hours.

I went out and bought insurance, business cards and door hangers.

Thanks for this web site and everyone that takes part.


Need feed back on my business name & logo.

Great job sticking it out and learning a new trade. Glad to know you were able to cut the time down on that house by half. I would recommend highering someone to come up with a logo so you have a professional image and can coordinate all your advertising pieces. There is information here about how to post for those who do logo design. You can name your price and you will be surprised by how many will respond with ideas for you. If you spent $200-300 you would get a nice result that you could grow with. Best of luck.

Welcome…fellow Cheesehead!


Hey welcome here!

Welcome Beeler! How nice to be retired and not HAVE to depend on your WC income! That should make you more confident in the bidding process because you can essentially take it or leave it. You could use the decade of your 60s to grow a nice nest egg to leave to your children or just become a great giver. How cool would that be!? Staying busy will help you get more out of life too as opposed to lounging around. Way to go man!

Welcome Beeler

Eric, I alway keep busy, it keeps me young. As long as I have my health I’m going to keep working, also the extra money never hurts.
I do volunteer at a soup kitchen in GB, my heart goes out to the peolple that stop in for a free meal, it’s sad when they have the kids with them and looking at the clothes they are wearing, they have no money. If anyone has never volunteered before, try it you will be blessed.


Welcome Beeler! Good luck with your new business…I like how you incorporated the B from your name. Like the colors you used,like the overall concept, not sure about the bubbles- the 1 by the B looks like a paw print. Im no expert trust me, just my 2 cents worth, maybe just tweak it a bit.