Look what came in the mail!

Gardiner Smaxx 50’ and 150’ WFP hose on a lightweight reel

Time to get to work!

Nice! Have any good pics of your trailer setup?

Friggin Awesome man.

Aren’t you the fortunate one!

Merry Christmas

I have the same pole. I love using it as my everyday pole with three sections removed. That makes it a ~34 footer. Congrats on the new tools.

Way cool, that is on my “wish” list…


Thanks for all your comments. What’s strange is the website says this model doesn’t feature postive stops, but my pole does, am I missing something?

And look what I got today!

You can always count on WCR! - I had spent 10 weeks waiting for my local Ace hardware to “get their order of gutter scoops in”…but being on back order, no dice.

One call to WCR and BOOM! Delivered. Done. Effective gutter cleaning here I come! All while keeping my hand-sies warm :slight_smile:


If you find yourself snapping those things off if your pole hits the ground end first, look for the black ones. They are thicker and I have never had one break from falling. I used to snap the orange ones all the time.

Sweet pole,

Did you order it from WCR? I’m just wondering what the duty charge was to have it shipped to Canada. I’m thinking of buying the same pole shortly.


Very, very nice! Enjoy.

Ship to Buffalo mate and stash it away … I use this place CBI USA | US Mailbox Rental & US Shipping Address Services it’s a great service really busy pay $5 per package delivered. Tie it in with a trip with the family and of course declare everything

Thanks Iain

that’s a great idea. I’m actually going to Buffalo in a few months on a family shopping trip.

We should meet up sometime, since we are in the same basic area.

Smaxx? Did you order direct from Gardner?