Looking at this new program, I wanted to see if you guys have used it yet

I am looking at this SEO type company. I am seriously considering registering. Take a look at the video at least, I was quite impressed.

I am a little curious if you guys think its to good to be true or if this is the next big.

I am kinda in a hurry to decide since limit their customer base per area.

here is the link.


I must add, that i did go ahead and sign up for extra info and I got a live demo… Looked pretty dang good.

Looks interesting…
Depends on the cost
AND… i am sure they are doing what anyoneelse can do, with a little patience and time.
As far as carpet cleaning, most aspects of it should slip right over to wc’ing
Keep us informed…

i have spoken with them and they do seem legit and some of the bigger outfits in the Window Cleaning Forums have liked their page…the down side is On Top Local Marketing does not have anything for the window cleaning industry so you’ll you have to tweak a site…but i like the idea of grabbing a couple of sites from them and conquer the whole first google page.

I have signed up. Seems good so far. Let you know more later

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How much is it monthly i forgot?

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For $100/mth what does the package come with?

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I watched the video, and one minor detail i noticed is the dates on his searches, they [B]all[/B] were before Google changed their algorithm

any updates on this i am thinking of signing up.


It seems to be working great. I have gotten most of my instant quotes from the website that we setup for this. I wont know for sure until I have 100 blog post that’s when they say it really kicks in on the search results. I have pretty good results so far, but I didn’t realize I had to post daily to be effective. (now that i am doing this, it shouldn’t be long)

Let you know more in a few days.


I have like 4 listings on the first page of my local area when I search, Im having to work a little harder to be in the other areas of my service area. (maybe that helps.) I went ahead and made them put me local listings in my service areas. (have friends to use their addresses) for each. I only did this yesterday, so wont be effective till i get the pin number on postcards

Just out of curiousity… I noticed the website is registered in your name.

Whats up with that?

I went ahead and made a short link because the reference link they gave me was kinda long. you can go to their normal site for same info. I would get some money if you signed up, but i guess it really doesn’t matter, just wanted the link to be shorter. Domains are basically free for me so it was simple to do that.

To achieve the same posting speed without the POST PLACE it would take an additional 30min - hour for me to post to the same sites that my article goes to with them. (thats nearly 10hours per week saved). Figure out how much your time is worth. I still post stuff to my other sites without ONTOP but, makes a nice addition to the SEO.


derreck wtf looked myself and its true please explain.

After watching the vid, the thing that creeped me out the most was that this guy rarely blinks his eyes. Perhaps he found Molly?

perhaps. lol. Like I said I have my 90 days coming up. I with have to evaluate if it was worth it. Ninja. I did explain it. its not anything besides shorter link for me to post. I can post the full link if it satisfys you. honestly if it spooks you off from it… um … dont care. go on nothing here to look at. I don’t work for the people if that is what you are wondering. If i can find something that helps get 4-7 postings on the front page. I think you should be wondering where do i sign up and how fast can we get it going. Wasn’t a big secret or it would have been private who is info.

If you are in my market then you probably ought to be a little scared that i am in the next 30-60 days about to be all that people see when they search popular keywords. I already am seeing great results in my local market, just needing to get the results in my markets 1.5 - 2 hours away.

Perhaps mentioning that earlier would have helped your case.

So your no where near Hawaii?

perhaps if I was making a case it would have been worth noting. I in fact ended up signing up before anyone even responded the first post. It seems like it has been great so far.


LMAO no. not close to Hawaii. Although I would love the weather!