Looking For a Video

Hey Guys,

Do you remember that video a window cleaning company did as an ad that was real funny? It featured a crew treating a householder real good, and they also cleaned windows once in awhile. One part showed a guy/window cleaner opening a trench coat as soon as the woman/home owner opened the door. He was fully dressed however and had all kinds of window cleaning tools hung on the inside of the trench coat. The company said the video had gone viral and they were working on another one. If you know where it is could you post a link?

I am asking because my nephew is graduating from high school this year and wants to go into videography. I wanted to show him this one.

Thanks much!


And he also does pedicures… [MENTION=429]5star[/MENTION]windowcleaning



I am so sorry about just getting this! But yeah, we have the video on our home page.

It was a lot of fun to do, I would highly recommend that people who are into videography get into this side of the business. It’s a lot of fun, and a way to express things about your business you can’t really do in any other way.

Hi Chris and Curt,

Thanks so much for getting the vid to me. I will send the link to my Nephew. I am sure he will love it. He has one more year in High School. Needs to start a biz right now by creating a profile. Doing one and two minute funny videos for local businesses that have a web presence is definitely an opportunity.

Curt. Did you ever go ahead with a second vid?

You know, we didn’t. We story-boarded up what I would consider 3 more pretty cool ideas, but never took the time to go out and get it done. I think we probably will early next year… we just need to make it a priority. It’s good for company morale for sure!

Trench coat? Hmmmm… gives me an idea for a winter style tool carrier. Ditch the belt and put it all in a coat. Thanks for the idea. Love the video.

This is beyond amazing

You know. I was thinking what if someone was to create funny videos like this for our industry. I mean high quality videos like this one that we could all stick on our web sites for our customers current and potential. They would help to cement relationships which is what its all about.

^^^ first customer