Looking for advice on the business side of WC

I’m looking for someone experienced in growing a business from nothing to something that might can give me some advice on what I’m doing wrong or not doing.
I have nearly ten years experience cleaning but in my second year of my second try at being a business owner. I feel like I hit a walland would love some advice.
I’d prefer to do this over private message so my business is out in the public. So hit me up if you’re willing to talk.


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Hey Charles,

I would be glad to help out. You can hit me up on voxer:

You can reach out by email: [email protected]

We’re closing on the sale of our house tomorrow and moving out east. I might be a little slow responding but willing to help.

This goes for you too @Parker1751 or anyone else.


thanks. will be in touch

What area do you live and did you get it all figured out?