Looking for help

I was seriously contemplating making a name and logo change.

Do you members think my name and logo are to masculine for potential female clients?

am i losing money or at-least the opportunity to be considered by shoppers who are turned off by my name and logo?

I realize its a little late being almost 3 years in and putting all this time and money into my company as far as clothing, stationary and advertising and so on but im willing to do anything to accomplish my goal of being successful in this industry.

How would my current clients perceive a name change if i would pull the trigger?

How would one make that transtion without a negative impact?

For some reason i can not upload my logo design from my zip drive so if you had time you can visit my site to check it out

Dynamite Window Cleaning Service


Edward Lindsey
Dynamite Window Cleaning Service

Just looked at you home page with logo, nothing real masculine about the logo or text. It is not like a death-grind core band logo or anything, it has a kind of fun/cartoonish vibe to it and not a big scary vibe.

Just curious why you picked “dynamite”? Is there some meaning there? “Our prices blow the other companies away”? I like the logo, its different. From a female perspective, I dont automatically think its too masculine, I just dont get the connection to window cleaning…unless it’s: we provide “dynamite” service… that i like, maybe add a catchy phrase to it. After 3 years i dont think id change my name…just my 2 cents worth…i’m not too far from you , im about 40 mins from dtwn pittsburgh. Good luck!!

You don’t need fire to get a bang out of our works :wink:
No charge! < Good! ;->

hi Sharen,

Its good to know there are members in this forum that are from my service area.
Im embarrassed to say ive never heard of your outfit but is probably a positive thing because when i hear stuff its usually negative feedback on bad service.

when i decided to start my little company i did the exact opposite of what i should have done. I created no plan and goals and had minimal thought process behind it. I think with in a week i had everything from my tax id to a arsenal of squeegees and was on my first job site. The crazy thing is my only experience was that week practicing on my windows at my home.

The whole process seemed rushed and not planned and i just regret not slowing down.

Ever since i started there has been growth but no were near what i want and honestly i would be ashamed to say. I just question my name and attempt at marketing and wonder if thats whats holding me back at blowing up. at first i thought just thought giving people streak free windows with a smile was good enough but that couldnt be further from the truth in my situation. I know one thing is im not gonna quit and im gonna give it a 100% to eventually have a successful biz in this industry. So if spending more money and time on changes so be it

I run ads in the paper and sometimes i get calls that are way out of my service area that i turn away because there to small and to far away If your interested i would be more than happy to refer you. Send me a message and let me know your areas if you like.

Edward Lindsey
Dynamite Window Cleaning Service

Female customers aren’t going to care about your logo (although it looks good), they will care more about how you and your employees look and your interest in how their golf game is going. I rarely get work from the logo on my trailer anyway.

Hey I sometimes think that our name is to femine for commercial work but it really does well on the residential. Because lets face it on the res you are 95% of the time selling to women. softer name, some buisness sense and well, a good product seems like a good combo for res. But who knows I have s loads of commercial and high rise too.

I think that name changes might be seen as evasive. but then again there is whole lot to be said for proper marketing.