Looking for ideas about how to keep poles upright

In the process of streamlining my workflow, i realize there is one consistent annoying snag i have yet to eliminate. That is, how to store poles upright, easily. Almost all my jobs require some degree of polework, and im usually carrying two at a time, one with an Excelerator, and another with a split head adapter, usually carrying a t-bar scrubber on one side, and a Bronze Wool Fixi Clamp on the other (most jobs residential deep cleans with lots of bug debris and grime). This eliminates the need to switch pole heads from t-bar, to fixi clamp, to excelerator, which really adds a ton of time on each window. The only problem is where to store the poles when im not using them. Carefully leaning them up against the house just looks and feels sloppy, and takes precious seconds each time, or perhaps there is an inaccessible window and no good place to lean the second pole. I was thinking something like a golf bag would be nice, something both lightweight and incredibly sturdy, but im not sure if theres an easier option im overlooking. Anybody got any thoughts?

I like the golf bag idea.
I had a similar idea about using a golf bag cart instead of my hand truck for my other stuff, but had not thought about using it for the poles too. Just for sitting them down without getting the end dirty, and without collapsing them, you could just use a tripod set up to prop the end up with the pole being extended in a near horizontal position. That is if there is enough room to do it. I think the golf bag cart would work nice for that and would roll around easy enough. Not sure about upright though, since they would want to fall over easy if not laying up against the house.

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I hear why you want two poles but really is alot to carry and like you said convenient place to put while not in use.

I’m thinking you need to eliminate a pole.

I’ll be interested if others too are carrying two poles.

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Basically 100% of my work has been residential clients bleeding over from my housecleaning business. They all have high windows that have not been cleaned in a long time. The Excelerator Fliq pad is not abrasive enough to scrub off the bug guts and grime. Polznbladz has a video about his “8” Fliq and Liq", which has a pot scrubbing stainless steel wool sewn on the back. It’s pretty coarse, and I don’t like the way it sounds when it rubs the window, almost kind of screechy sounding. I worry about it scratching, although he guarantees it won’t. I toyed with the idea of sewing or velcroing a bronze wool pad to the back of the Fliq pad, and even got so far as cutting down a 6x9 pad to fit, but when I’m using the traditional Fliq pad, bronze wool fibers shed onto the Excelerator. I figured it would make it more prone to streak, but when I tried it, it actually didn’t seem to make any difference at all. I guess I just love my Excelerator with all my heart, and it makes me sad to see it dirty.

To add to this, if I could get some Bronze Wool or whatever to stick to the back of the F*liq pad, it just wouldn’t be as awesome as my custom Bronze Wool Fixi-Clamp. This thing is a beast. I use a wood block to give it firm pressure, with a Bronze Wool pad velcroed to it. Then, to raise the abrasion, I add either steel wool, or just traditional bronze wool to the outside of the pad, which sticks really well. It cuts through second story bug guts in such a beautiful way it would make you cry, but I cannot abide it on the back of the Excelerator, )with a splitter head). It’s too heavy and throws off the delicate fluid motion needed to operate the Excelerator.

I tried out a golf bag today from the Thrift Store, I think it’s going to work great for outside work, and high internal windows. Plus, the Excelerator gets really wet, so it’s going to be nice to use the golf bag as a catch for the moisture. Not for every job, but some. I’m committed to the idea now, I think with the right bag it’ll work great. I can also use it as auxiliary rag storage, and take a few less-essential things off my belt.



Why don’t you use a “Y” adaptor at the end if your pole, exclerator on one side and white/blue/bronze pad holder on the other side.




Would be cool to see a picture of your poles!

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theres a guy who cut poles down an carries on his belt. dont recall his name but does mostly high flyers and lots of pole work too.
acme is his biz name

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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0000 steel wool is most likely what he is using

No, it’s pot scrubbing stainless steel wool. The kind that looks like little metal ribbons. Polzn Bladz-Excelerator With 8 " Fliq & Liq - YouTube

The big upside is that it doesn’t shed fibers or degrade, but I’m not sure how it can absolutely never scratch like he claims, when conventional wisdom says 0000 Steel Wool is the coarsest grit you should ever use. I’m going to be experimenting with it though when I can. Polznbladz is a pretty legendary window cleaner, but I still doubt it would have the effectiveness or coverage area of my Bronze Wool Fixi Clamp.


I saw that he was using that too (he had it sewn on to some gloves to use for scrubbing) and I was also skeptical. If you do try it then let us know how well it works!

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Interesting. Thanks for the link!

So gently leaning one against the wall nearby doesn’t work?

On one of my jobs, shrubs line the exterior walls, and I don’t want to rest my squeegee in the shrubs, or on the muddy ground. Or, if a house has pristine white siding, leaving drips from the wet squeegee. Or, indoor high windows, where the Excelerator is going to be dripping, and I don’t want to leave an extended pole lying on the ground for someone to trip on. There’s also the issue, for me, for auxiliary storage of rags, dirty rags, and all the other stuff (extra bronze wool, water, or whatever) I don’t want to carry all that on my belt. I’m not saying it’s going to be right for every job, but I’m definitely ready to experiment with the idea.

This is what we use when doing homes.
And as you will see that we have made a place to put your pole.
Check it out.


Here’s a store route with wheels.
As you might see that it also has a place you put your pole.


0000 Steel wool can scratch glass, just pay attention to the glass.

@HE_MAN, Thanks, that is really awesome! I’m going to try to my hand at making something similar.

ipc eagle has several carts.

also just google housekeeping or janitorial caddy

some have pole holders