Looking for some mentoring!

I am a college student looking to get into the business of window cleaning for the summer. I have a a few questions I would like to ask someone who knows the business and could perhaps help jump start my venture. So, if you don’t mind me pming you a few questions please respond here, I want to succeed!

Thanks, KMA

I started from scratch.

Print out some business cards that you’re really proud of. It will encourage you to get out there and ppl will respond better to a stand out card.

Then just start pounding the pavement, store to store. It’s one of the most effective ways. Think about wealthier areas. They will be more inclined to have you come once a week. Your store route will also generate residential work.

Always give them a card and a price, even if they initially say no. Dont waste time trying to follow up on potential interest. Either they want it or they don’t. Just keep searching for immediate Yes’s.

As ppl see you cleaning storefronts, THEY will approach YOU and ask for a card or estimate. It has happened to me dozens upon dozens of times.

Be friendly. Maintain eye contact. Use their name. Smile! You will get jobs!

You’ll be successful! Just persevere. Wish you all the best!

Ask away, dude…

i will help if i can. go for it!!


I’ll butt in here and take the opportunity to ask a question… You have employees right? How do you develop systems & scripts for your employees?

Okay, looks like your in line to do some public mentoring… Do you print out work orders for your guys every day? Do you like vague questions? Here’s one. How do you manage multiple routes? We, young bucks, NEED some advise from the real deal Holyfield…

lol. How the hell did I GET picked out to play “answer man?” :smiley:
Alright… “Hot Seat.”


As far as scripts for my guys.
I don’t so much use scripts (although I AM a big fan of pre-rehearsed answers)
By pre-rehearsed, I mean they could simply be thought out.

  • what are those common questions you get asked, and what answers has brought a good response.

I like to take situations that I may feel uncomfortable with (or inconfident)
and figure out a good answer in my own time… so it NEVER happens again.

With my guys, it’s all about procedure.
I’m a nut about it, but I always go out of my way to explain “why” I do things how I do.
Which gives them ammunition/responses to any conversation that come up while they are working.

But for the most part, I try to do the talking, or my number one,
who has been with me long enough that he has actually created his own scripted answers.

If conversations start to stray, I will jump in… I’m very good at “working a room” and turinng the conversation around.

With the guys, explain WHY you are doing EVERYTHING.
When they are to the point where they are sick of hearing it, explain it three more times.

The old reach around? I can dig that…

I print the night before, if possible.

I keep a completely separate calendar on my phone with VERY specific info.
It looks exactly like this (at a glance)
[time] CITY – Lastname
(with details in the details section, but it doesn’t show on my ‘Agenda View.’)

So, when I am scheduling, I use my phone calendar to see what area we are, and when.
And I can tell what distance to the each job, and fit things in, as a “route”

I realize if I use my cities as an example, you guys wouldn’t recognize them, so I’ll use US CITIES…

[9:00-10 a.m] DETROIT – Jones
[11:30- 12 p.m.] TOLEDO – Smith
[12:30-2 p.m.] LOUISVILLE – Jenkins
[4-6 p.m.] ATLANTA – Mole
[6-7 p.m.] ORLANDO – Snowbird

So, if Mr Thomas calls and has a spot in Nashville,
I quickly see that I have time between 2 and 4p.m., that is on the way.

Give me a call buddy. I can help you get a good start (810)-410-5088


Welcome to WCR! Im glad you found us :slight_smile: