Looking hard at this service

This is one particular service i’ve really been pondering on getting into.I do my small share of them but basically,looking into the whole deal…clean,rejuvenate,sealing the whole 9 yards.

Right now i just use my WFP and have some sealer that i apply if need be. I’m looking into everything skymop and all the cleaners etc.

Was talking to a guy last IWCA conv he says he makes SIC money doing them which,i feel seems easy enough?

Hey Craig,
I think i was talking to the same guy at the convention last winter. He made it seam REAL easy and a hell of a money maker. If we are talking about the same guy, he had a lot of pictures I recall. We currently do a few awnings, nothing major… Just never jumped too deep into it. Never have counted it out as an add on tho.

I bet it was the same dude Jason Evers out of Florida (i believe is his name)?

Anyhow…friggin SIC money!!

I think that was the guy… Regardless, the money seems great!:smiley:

BTW, SkyMop Adjustable “T” sponge and scrubber mop is a product supplied by Do It Right, Inc.:

Patrick Analore, Razzle Dazzle Window Cleaning, Inc., (Oviedo, Florida) has raved about their products for years.

To date, I’ve only purchased some fabric and vinyl cleaner chemicals to compare with those from Awning Rejuvanation Systems International (http://www.awningcleaning.com/), but I’ve not cleaned enough awnings to date to draw a conclusion.

Yeah…thats what i have my eye on all that stuff! Hopefully if i do decide to look into it further i can find a “niche” in this here market of mine?

When you say sic money Craig - just how sic are we taliking? Sic enough for me to be a fool not to look into it for myself?:confused:

Hi Stuart,
Just wondered if you have any favorite chemicals? I usually go for the Winsol stuff & Starbrite for the tough stains. If its a light clean I may just use Simplegreen. I’ve never tried the chemicals mentioned but read through the paraphernalia.

Thanks for that Stu,
I only use the mould remover & black streak remover by Starbrite - I wonder why Winsol don’t do the same line?
I try never to let the awning try - thats a big no-no with the Winsol stuff, but sometimes difficult in 130 degrees +. Thats why I only do a couple of meters at a time.
Yep, Winsol is expensive, I was hoping I was paying for something that was actually doing the job!
I’m getting some good results, but on the canvas types was hoping to find a chemical that actually works on that deep ingrained mould & pine sap.
Travel time is always included, it usually works out the same as my hourly rate with gas included.